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Question about Internet Radio

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Hello dues how are ya??

Im wondering if anyone knows how I might be able to logon to the radio and give it a codec update?? (I dont have codecs for AAC+ v2 in it and I know a simple update WITH THAT CODEC would work)

Grace will not send me any updates,THEY WANT ME TO SPEND ALOT OF $$$$$$$ AND GET A NEWER/DUMBED DOWN RADIO that doesnt work as well and isnt as easy to use!!

ALL THATS NEEDED HERE IS A CODEC UPDATE..... Has anyone ever tried to logon to thier internet radios?? (I know it is assigned an IP when you turn it on cause I can goto the detail section and it shows its IP! (192.x.x.x) I wonder if i could try logging on to that IP??

I think its sick they try to force you to spend $$$$$ to get more........

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Dude, HOW exactly are we supposed to know the EXACT model/make of the *whatever* you are talking about? :unsure:

Just in case Standard Litany (NEEDED):


More generally you will need some kind of "hacked" firmware (that may or may not be available) and possibly get a JTAG access to the actual circuits.

Nothing I would recommend, if you are asking about it (CATCH 22 :ph34r:)


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Im sorry my friend...

Its a Grace IR-1000 radio and in my opinion its BETTER than anything else I have seen! (Its a BASIC radio... Easy to add stations,search for them,etc)

I thought you could maybe logon AS THEY DO but if hacked firmware is needed,seems like it wouldnt be easy.....

I just think its sad though....... OLDER GOOD STUFF being ignored and newer stuff THAT ISNT AS GOOD getting the attention...

Thank you my friend :)

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The good news :) are that most probably it is a re-branded Logik-100/hipshing IR608:

IF this is the case, this page may be of use:

The bad news :( are that latest firmware is was seemingly available online from Reciva.com but needs/needed registering. :unsure:.

The generic gpl page is out of reach until end of september (at least):

More generically, that thingy seems "Barracuda" based (whatever it means) which leads us right here:


As expected a JTAG access and some tinkering may be needed, but it seems like everything is well documented :thumbsup:

Particularly, getting a login in order to change firmware seems doable without particular hardware, only with the GREATEST care and attention.



Still, unless you have as a hobby this kind of mods, it is not something I would suggest, as there is a concrete risk of "bricking" the radio.



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Any Ideas my friend how to remove an update from the radio??

I signed up for a 30 day trial of XM radio and my radio wouldnt play the streams.. (Says 'UNABLE TO PLAY' when I try any of them) -- I went to UPDATE FIRMWARE and it said there was an update so i accepted it...... THE RADIO STILL DOESNT PLAY THE XM STREAMS!! (I think its looking for the original WMA streams they used to have)

I DO NOT LIKE WHAT THIS UPDATE DID TO MY RADIO... It adds a MY HISTORY tab and a few other things I dont care for.... I CANNOT GET THIS UPDATE OFF!! (I just took it thinking the radio would then play XM)

I tried doing a FACTORY RESET but it deosnt take the update off.... Isnt doing "Factory reset" like re-installing an OS??

I dunno......... If i can I wanna get rid of this update! (I liked it better the way it was before!!)

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