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I hate all new technology as of now. Post your woes about that

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Okay, so as of now, I hate everything new. I will admit their are advancements that I do admire, like

Going to the dentist and getting X-rays on the same day.

However I am unable to take them home or have that cool picture, back then you paid for your


However their are things I hate, like with computers.

How the PS/2 mouse or keyboard just decides not to work anymore, My serial mouse can always work but the PS/2 will fail me at some point in my life.

USB steals energy from the PSU, and can damage a computers over all power usage.

USB also tend to eject themselves from time to time. This is original hardware I am talking.

USB are slow are ice, compared to firewire, and firewire has always been faster, so what the hell?

Somehow we dumbed down into having only USB on our apples which could capture HD video

ASAP threw the firewire. Only now USB caught up and guess what? They are still slow as garbage,

Still ejects, and still causes power issues.

Yahoo mail! forces their new TOS and contract, via the upgrade. I do not mind signing any

contract from them, but when they sneak a whole bunch of new spyware into it. Also folks the

only people launching viruses are the goverment people. Only the govement has the resources to

hire super hackers. Who are probably a bunch of religious nutjobs who thinks they are doing the lords

work, for their nation. Seriously they call out Russia and China, when it comes to bad data, but in reality we all know it is Bob from down the street, who browsed your email.

To be continued...................................

Game systems that tells you when they die.

Organic parts that expires overtime. Remember back when they talked about organic components, or

how the chip was going to heal itself, they were talking about making chips out of bamboo or some other

plant or fungus, so it would only last around five year.............cough apple. Imagine being in deep space with this technology?????????????? No if you were deep space, people would be like, so screwed with todays tech.

In fact, that is how foolish we were back then. We brought into the whole space-age bit ( you know who you are Kirk fan ) and though we were moving with the times. How many of us, have actually made it big?

Most of us probably run business on the side for servicing. That is about it. No fame, glory, or fourtune.

.NET replaces .EXE whatever.......the only reason I need a new version of Windows 3.1 is to not fail

my college class, I really doubt anybody in the business world uses the latest version of Windows.

Even UNIX or Apple are not used. All of that crap is at some big non-profit donation workplace with

the blood money of some government. So you can slave away like a fool, working to pay your

crappy college loan, you had to just have.

I think I could go on forever. Like take the Amiga, vs Apple. The Amiga can do everything the Apple does already, and while Apple is now in past with Amiga ( because they both are PPC kingpins ),

I just need some sorta entity or being to see this among other writings. I can't check my mail,

view a stupid flash video, or even play anything without upgrading to a piece of garbage that

will die out ASAP.


We had hardware. Hardware that was auwsome, fine gorgeous, and glorious. Thick big cables, that

was triple layered, giant data transport cables, and even televisions and VCR machines that had a

great balance between cheap morons and goodwill spirited know how. I will admit their are many

great advancements, but for every step we take foward we leave a trail of poo, in front of us. Like if

a great big Elephant is staring us right the eye, making poo while walking backwards.

I can't believe people even give kids toys with iphone add-ons. I mean yeah we all could say, Jobbs did not die from being around wireless technology too much??? Otherwise I miss things and how it was, and while

I can live in that world with some nice additions, it just seems like the stupider the idea the bigger it spreads.

I am not a nutjob, who looks at technolgy and see advancement. I am nutjob, who sees tech and see a retarded role reversal, of stupidity. Let me tell you something stupid, crap from 1980 something is selling like hot cakes, crap that was made when everybody called everything crap. I mean people are living like animals, more then ever, but imagine if we brought a castle ( meaning I or you ), just to live like that we would have to spend millions of dollars, but to live in an automated apartment where everything is wireless is like, worthless. I mean we had things a lot better back then, and while their were viruses, insane medical practices, more crazies thriving, it was a balanced world between man and machine. Men today are not even men, they are dis guarded sons, who never even knew what it was to live in a family. So no wonder why people throw away everything without no sense of value. Women....are still women in this case sensitive.

Not to go off track, I just want my beautiful balanced technological advance world back. I am sick of everything around me, being completely electronic and people being dumber then cattle when it comes

to decision making processes. Technology, electronics, and computers are good things but only in small dosages.

Kids do not even have books to read, they just play videogmes. They do not even know how to

read a book at all. Society is just filter feeding people. Like how we had a choice of electronic or paper,

iit seems to becoming a world where nobody values peoples voices at all, and people do not value peace

at all. Remember when you was a kid, and that kid told a lie to make the other get into trouble? That is what the world is, and we are just being pushed to the side like disgaurded chess pieces.

I am sorry, it is just that I am educated, smart, and not dumb enough to accept society the way it is. I know I could just curl up in the corner, make a whole bunch of babies ( or none ), and get drunk on money. However my brain feels as if it is falling out at times. Everything just looks like blurs, and you can hear the same exact tune in every other song sung from years ago or years today.

Just let it go, just let it go................................let it all go.

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Game systems that tells you when they die.

.NET replaces .EXE whatever.......the only reason I need a new version of Windows 3.1 is to not fail

my college class, I really doubt anybody in the business world uses the latest version of Windows.

Even UNIX or Apple are not used.

Well we aren't so bad yet on the game system front. I do not want to be all doom and gloom regarding how people just expect their new thng to stop working in 10 years because the server will get pulled. If the product is successful enough, their devs can certainly make it so you can keep using it if you want.

And the computer thing in business, this is largely due to companies still not understanding how to be using computers. By that I mean that people who are not involved in using the products, or who are not technically inclined are the ones who make the decisions. They often wait until the last possible moment to upgrade and always spend large amounts of time and money to make things work on the new platform. Most computer people would tell you that you should be looking at the new technology right away and plan for a transitional period. Do you know how many companies are still using extremely old databases that they just can't justify the costs involved with upgrading them? In the health care industry, many of the (old) mainstay companies still need to use terminal emulators because their customer database is in a 20+ year old mainframe system. I worked with one company awhile back that had to go to XP in 2004 (They were still using NT4 Workstation) and the biggest problem they were faces with was none of the terminal emulators they had access to worked with Windows XP!

But maybe these companies are in the same mindset we are in, we are "old thinking" and go by the idea that if it works, why change it? Well the world is changing around us....

As far as the USB thing, I think at the time Firewire was still a popular new thing it was only really competing with USB 1.1. We already know that Firewire wasn't really something to use as an input device connection replacement because it was kind of a waste. USB was definately fine for that. I think USB 2.0 pretty much killed firewire... But they still make computers with Firewire ports so there must be some use for it today.

Maybe what MY complaint about USB is.... Why do companies still need serial ports? Many companies that work in the POS channel still (absolutely) require hardware with serial connections. I understand that a lot of equipment in the field may be older and have serial connectors, but why hasn't USB replaced those devices yet?

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I'm with you 1000% ROTS...

I've decided that all these technological "gizmos" are nothing but electronic leashes designed to keep myself in chains to "The System." The System being our corrupt elected offiicials, greedy corporations, and other morons who start endless wars in foreign countries without ever giving us a vote on it. So much for our so-called democracy... but anyway. You can tell I'm very disillusioned.

Cell Phones are nothing but 24-hours-per-day, 365-days-per-year, government tracking devices. Not only that, but you get a nice cumulative dose of radiation into your brain every time you use them. People existed for millions of years without intrusive cell phones. The only difference now is that we're giving these devices to our kids, and thereby ruining their brains at a young age.... if my generation was corrupted on Nintendo and Sega Genesis, that's nothing compared to what's corrupting the youth today.... high speed internet porn at their fingertips, violent, life-like video game carnage, etc. Every game I see is just some sniper rifle, blast your enemies head off type game. It's sickening. I'm 31, I stopped playing video games in the late nineties. Today, I just view that stuff as an utter waste of life.

I'm actually selling my remaning computers in a garage sale in about a month, and then I'll finally break this habit of computers once and for all... I'm NEVER buying another one of these evil things.

People have told me that Windows 9x, or 2000, or whatever I use, is similar to an appliance like a toaster.... it does it's job, so you can keep using it for what I need. NO, computers are not like a toaster, which has a simple function and is designed to brown your bread. A computer, or more accurately, the software you think you "own" is nothing but an advertisement. You don't own anything on it, you're renting a license from Microsoft, or whomever else designed the software that runs your computer.

In that sense, you're "TOASTER" is at the mercy of Microsoft or whomever... the big difference between a Toaster and Microsoft though, is that the toaster doesn't have built-in "planned obsoloscence." Meaning, the toaster is designed to last forever until the parts break. Your computer software is designed to have it's "lifecyle" (maybe a decade at most) and then it all starts falling apart. Time to upgrade... "but you better buy a newer computer to run the next version of Internet Explorer." *Wink* *Wink*

Case in point, we have a forty year old toaster, works just like new. But we've gone through maybe 4 or 5 computers since roughly 1993 or 1994, when we purchased an IBM PS/2 (Windows 3.1, 80386 CPU, 33MHz, 4 MB Ram). Obviously, if I tried typing a document on that thing, nobody would be able to recieve or open them, but more importantly, I wouldn't be able to open anyone else's documents. What I'm left with is a glorified typewriter, if you can find the expense ink on ebay, that is. But how can you purchase ink on ebay, if you're still using Windows 3.1? You can't. Therefore, my ancient toaster is better than my ancient computer.

I give MIcrosoft another 5 years of life at max, after that, it's into the dust bin of history, like IBM.

Just look at TV's. They used to be simple. You plug in the power chord, plug in the antenna, and then you got free TV.

I haven't watched any TV since they switched to digital a couple years ago. I'm not going to pay for any of those "bundles" that every other id*** thinks is a great deal. Seems like you have to bundle up your phone, internet, dishwasher, toilet, GPS, and every other stupid thing these days.

Oh yeah, the GPS things they put in your car, it's just a way for the police to stop your vehicle when civilization is about to collapse in a few yeras. Don't think about running from the "work" camps they're going to set up, they can just stop your car with the flip of a switch.

I have a collection of books, you know, those things on paper.

Another reason why kindles and electronic books are dumb, is that once I own the physical book of paper, all I need is sunlight to read it!!!!

With a kindle or whatever, the greedy companies are guaranteed a lifetime of people paying for electricity and batteries to run that crap.

And when civilization ends from either lethal methane blast from the arctice, thereby speeding up the greenhouse effect, or buy bee collapse and the death spiral of the food chain, I'll still be able to read my books. But the Kindle slaves will have to pay a premium for the power to run those dumb things.

I could go and and on...

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sorry for the long paragraph, I did put seperations in there, but I guess having javascript disabled removed the page breaks.

OH well..

Oh yeah, thanks to technology and science, guess where are these superbugs came from? You guessed it, all the anti-bacterial soap.

I give the human race another few decades before the next plague of untreatable Gonoreah or whatever else mutates first.

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That's "new technology" for you. This version of the forum uses a bunch of Javascript. So I guess that explains some of these "walls of text" people have been posting lately.

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Hehe :-) That's why I can't write long thoughts anymore. I just end up looking crazy if I change subjects too many times without starting a new pargraph. But I'll continue to have my javascript disabled :-)

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