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Need Help MicrosoftHUP (Office 2013 Professional Plus)

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At the beginning I apologize in advance if I wrote about in the wrong section, or my topic will be considered inappropriate.

Hello I'm writing about this because I need help. Namely, if someone is out of stock, and could provide the key to the possibility of purchasing Microsoft Office Professional Plus in the following offer:


I would buy this package, but unfortunately I do not have that option. So here I am writing about it.

Below is a New Story with this promotion if anyone had the opportunity, I'd ask for help.


I'm keen on buying this package.

Also, if someone would have a concern, I do not see the problem I transferred money to a person that was able to buy for me this program.

Best Regards Jarek.

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Not completely unlikely getting a discounted car in a special promotion for (say) "assisting people hit by an earthquake" by faking that you are one of them even if you live in another country and you don't even know what an earthquake is. :ph34r:


Do I have any other responsibilities?

As the Volume Licensing customer, you are not responsible for your individual employee’s compliance with the Home Use Program end-user license terms. Those terms are between Microsoft and the individual employee. We do require that you limit Home Use Program access to employees and tell them when they should discontinue use of the Home Use Program software—for example if your Software Assurance coverage ends or the employee leaves employment.

Basically you can use the software legally as long as you are employed by the company that has a HUP agreement with MS.

If you prefer, the money you pay doesn't actually buy you the license, any other "normal" company would have provided a certain number of "full" licenses to the employees of Volume Licensing for free or for a highly discounted price, but the good MS guys decided that you money is only a sort of "fee" for downloading the thingy and that the legal validity of the license is connected to your keeping that employment (and/or your employer continuing being part of the SA program).


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Let's see. For me, unfortunately, is not possible. So here I am looking for someone. For me the $ 10 price is not too high as the cost of the package Pro Plus in Poland dates back as 1200 Polish Zloty.

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Nobody here that works for a Company (a FEW do) is going to circumvent that. We have Rules. This is the best you're going to get -


Go shopping for a "Retail" one, my friend.

edit - Google basically reveals you need -

1 - a Hotmail Account

2 - YOUR Company/Educational "special access code"

Sorry, but you're out of luck unless you are ONE of the two above. :yes:

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