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  1. Let's see. For me, unfortunately, is not possible. So here I am looking for someone. For me the $ 10 price is not too high as the cost of the package Pro Plus in Poland dates back as 1200 Polish Zloty.
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  3. At the beginning I apologize in advance if I wrote about in the wrong section, or my topic will be considered inappropriate. Hello I'm writing about this because I need help. Namely, if someone is out of stock, and could provide the key to the possibility of purchasing Microsoft Office Professional Plus in the following offer: http://www.microsofthup.com/hupus/home.aspx?country_id=US I would buy this package, but unfortunately I do not have that option. So here I am writing about it. Below is a New Story with this promotion if anyone had the opportunity, I'd ask for help. http://www.neowin.net/news/office-2013-now-available-through-microsofts-home-use-program-for-995 I'm keen on buying this package. Also, if someone would have a concern, I do not see the problem I transferred money to a person that was able to buy for me this program. Best Regards Jarek.
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