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install.wim size after inrtegrating udpates

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Hi all.

Not sure if there is a solution for this, but I have found when integrating updates via dism into my Windows 8 DVD that the install.wim grows surprisingly large.

Does anyone know a way to prevent this?

Windows 7 never grew this large. Is it possible that DISM is not as efficient in W8 as imagex was in W7?



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(DISM is slow while commiting and unmounting the Image)

I've heard this from time to time, but I am not seeing this ever happening. Mount and unmount time for me is less than a minute... But it may be more system related.

Anyways, to OP what kind of size are we talking about here? I look at my Windows 8 Pro x64 image which has about 20 updates and a dozen of drivers and it is 4.1GB, while the vanilla image is 3.1GB. Actually now that you mention it... that is quite a size difference! Definately larger than the stuff I put into it. Hmmmm... :unsure:

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You can't prevent the growing in size since Windows Vista.

Updated components are added to the Windows\WinSxS folder and the hard links get renewed.

But, old components will not be deleted and remain there, too.

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I have also this trouble and I find the problem but I don't find any solutions ....





It seems that there are too many copies stores in the WinSXS folder, so the difference is 203 Mo for nothing and just for 1 update (IE cumulative update) ... Only Windows 8 do that and not Windows 7 .... So i hope that Windows 8.1 will change that ...

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