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You ask for donations but where are the numbers?


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You ask for money donations from people and I have sent your money... but where are the numbers? Why don't you have a post like these guys have? --> http://www.foolsdesign.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=27

It is called "Operating costs".

If you are not a business and ask for donations, it is only prudent of you to show the numbers and cost of your operations. Show us how much money donated and how much needed each month.

How about some transparency?

For all I know, you could be ripping people off.

Or am I not politically correct now? Is this post considered profanity too? :ph34r::sneaky:

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This site is neither a business nor a charity. The admin runs it out of his own pocket. It is not my place to disclose the general cash flow, but suffice to say that we need all the donations we can get.

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So the guy was banned for asking about donations? Umm.... something stinks here.

If that was the case, why would the topic still exist?

Anyways, this topic comes up every now and then, as mentioned. There's no harm in leaving it here in case Xper wants to reply to it and others can read his response.

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