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  1. You ask for money donations from people and I have sent your money... but where are the numbers? Why don't you have a post like these guys have? --> http://www.foolsdesign.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=27 It is called "Operating costs". If you are not a business and ask for donations, it is only prudent of you to show the numbers and cost of your operations. Show us how much money donated and how much needed each month. How about some transparency? For all I know, you could be ripping people off. Or am I not politically correct now? Is this post considered profanity too?
  2. Just to be clear on this point: I wasn't complaining, I was reporting behavior that looked strange to me. If the result I got with the browser that I'm using is actually an expected result, then so be it. --JorgeA A funny side note, out of thousands of unique visitors, only 32 is using IE8 and 2 using IE6 and 7 using IE7. *lol* Average visit duration is 6.45 minutes which is rather high.
  3. A free turd is still a turd. Unless they have brought back Aero Glass, it will remain a turd no matter what. YES, I LIKE SHINY PEBBLES.
  4. Wait, I was assuming it would come from the DIGITAL Windows Store inside Windows and not from Windows Update. Are they suggesting it will come only to PHYSICAL Windows Store?! That is worse than I thought! *LOL*
  5. http://www.neowin.ne...81-will-be-free 8.1 will be free and ... drum roll... it will be downloaded from the Windows Store... and not Windows Update???? (I think)... in that case... WTF? ...and where is my aero glass?!
  6. I've hung on to IE8 on my Vista system for a couple of reasons, an informational one and an esthetic one. The informational reason is that IE8 but not IE9 gives me useful little tidbits of information along the bottom that change as I enter and leave different websites; they're always in plain view and I don't have to go looking for the notifications. I can get some of these visible bits back using Classic Shell (thanks Ivo and @xpclient ), but not all of them. The esthetic reason is that I much prefer the look of the Forward and Back buttons in IE8 over those in IE9, which have lost the permanent shiny, 3D effect. (Presaging what Microsoft was getting ready to do to Windows itself.) In IE8, the Menu bar at the top is separated from the other toolbars by a thin line, while in IE9 the toolbars are all one undifferentiated sea of blue. (In IE7 all the toolbar rows are separated by lines, with the Menu bar divider even sporting an indented 3D "groove" appearance.) IE8 already represented a regression towards Windows 2.x flatness from IE7, where the toolbar rows all had 3D shading similar to the Vista Taskbar. IE9 eliminates even the vestiges of this 3D effect; browser tabs are the only elements that retain any depth. Hope I've explained my position well enough! --JorgeA I understand the reason but I still think you are doing a wrong thing. It was people like you in corporations and everywhere who stuck to IE 6.x and we had the famous IE 6 hell all over the web. You are now doing it with IE 8 and complaining that sites are not working with this old old old browser. Which would make people start using special tags and such to make things work in IE 8 which would make history repeat itself, this time with IE 8. There is absolutely no reason you should stick inside an old browser. I recommend you switch browser and use skinning technology to make it look the way you like because IE can't be skinned. I heard maxthon browser uses IE and can be skinned too ( I think ). If you feel like using IE 6... or IE 8, it is fine... but you should not complain in public that modern websites does not work in it. After all, it is your choice to stick with an old browser and old technology. Please bear in mind that I am specificially talking about web technology here. That is why in general Internet Explorer is a bad browser because it alters its looks on each release without the ability to use skinning technology. This behavious, which of course is completely foolish is due to the fact that there are only fools working at Microsoft. They do not have an understanding that people like different looks and colors, hence they do not offer skinning or customization to make it look like the older version when they update their browser. Your behaviour is caused by foolishness of fools in Microsoft. I actually see IE as not a browser but just a "thing" Microsoft "has" to have just because of the Internet and they are politically using IE to make people buy new versions of Windows. My recommendation is that people do NOT use IE at all, let it die a hard death and let Microsoft learn it the heard way. Anyway, as I mentioned, you could use other browsers and use skinning to make it exactly look like IE 8 but please, don't complain that certain sites do not work if you are using old browsers like IE 6 or IE 8. The web evolves.
  7. Hey ciHnoN, When I click on the link above, I very briefly see the forum site, but then right away it switches to a small image of a clown or joker in the upper left corner of the browser window -- nothing else at all to see. I tried going in directly by typing the URL, and the same thing happened. MSIE 8. Works fine in FF 16, though. --JorgeA P.S. Now that I got to see what you put in there, here's a thought. Wasn't Windows redesigned in 8 supposedly "to get the OS out of the way"? Well, the Charms totally wreck that notion. They remind you constantly of the OS, and in the most annoying, distracting manner possible. Only thing that could beat it in this category is... <drum roll> ... the Start Screen, which takes over the WHOLE monitor. At least the Start Screen only takes over when you tell it to, but then when it does, it takes over everything. IE 8.x? *lol* , update your browser. Indeed, they are SUPER SUPER SUPER annoying. I see it several hundred times a month!!!
  8. IMHO the Charms bar on a desktop PC is little more than a gimmick, something they tacked on just to show that it could be done. But "cool" and "new" are not good justifications to foist it on everyone. It serves no useful new function and IMX simply gets in the way repeatedly when you're trying to do something else. Leave it in place for tablets and stop annoying the rest of your users! --JorgeA This will make you lol... Windows 8 - The built-in moronic pop-up called "Charms bar" http://www.foolsdesign.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=89
  9. http://www.neowin.ne...indows-8-launch
  10. Wow, that was pretty creepy, especially the chant in the last 3-4 minutes. Pretty well done overall, though. Pride (which goeth before a fall) does explain a lot when it comes to what MSFT is doing. Maybe we can change our nickname for its blind followers to "metrojinns." --JorgeA Yeah, hehehe
  11. Spot on. A lot of people seem to have a "herd instinct" that induces them to join and cheerlead for stuff that they might not support were it not for the fact that other people are supporting it. Then there are the servile minds who acquiesce to whatever "the powers that be" (in this case, Microsoft) decree ought to be the case. Not just follow along, but actually embrace it enthusiastically. And then there are those who are happy to try to impose this stuff on the rest of us. Lastly, yes of course there are those who do find that they simply prefer the workings of Windows 8, Metro, the Cloud, software subscriptions and other things that we critique here. If I may be allowed a little pedantic quote here ... de gustibus non est disputandum. --JorgeA You know, what you say reminds of this story: (PLEASE BEAR IN MIND THAT I AM NOT RELIGOUS BUT I FIND THIS STORY VERY EERIE, INTERESTING AND SOMEHOW VERY SIMILAR FOR THIS SPECIFIC SITUATION SO WHEN YOU SEE THE VIDEO, PLEASE TRY TO FILTER OUT THE RELIGOUS STUFF AND CONCENTRATE ON THE STORY ITSELF, VERY INTERESTING STORY.)I find that story very interesting, perhaps in the old days, that was the way they explained the behaviour of "metrotards and shills"... OR perhaps it IS the Devil behind all this behaviour? Stuff like this blow my mind pondering all night. Moral of the story, they are empty shells, controlled by whatever entity who chooses to control them, just like sock puppets.
  12. When you change something in your product and 8 MILLION PEOPLE DISLIKE THAT CHANGE... ( http://www.neowin.ne...total-downloads ) something is SERIOUSLY wrong. But those at Microsoft are fools, they will never "get" it. Removing Aero Glass was another foolish thing they did. The engine is there, everything is there, but the fools at Microsoft think they know better what people should like or dislike. Forced ugly theme upon their users. Typical "developer" arrogance mixed up with other fools at Microsoft. As you can see, it's all in there: http://www.foolsdesi...c.php?f=1&t=100 ...but those fools removed the shader from the theme. What's wrong with options? A LOT, according to Microsoft. They rather have stuff like this shoving down people's troat: Caption: http://www.foolsdesi...ic.php?f=1&t=11 Active buttons in Windows 8, a mind trick: http://www.foolsdesi...ic.php?f=1&t=19 Or like, just see this: "Windows 8 - The built-in moronic pop-up called "Charms bar"" http://www.foolsdesi...ic.php?f=1&t=89 it makes you want to cry. They and those shills at Channel 9 are nothing, nothing but fools and empty shells following other corporate fools: http://www.foolsdesi...ic.php?f=4&t=53 EDIT: Although, personally I don't think it is being "shills" or just "fools following other fools". It is more than that. The rotting corporate culture at Microsoft and their YES-men in Channel 9 is a kind of sickness, a psychotic illness most likely. If they would have the power, they would dictate what color your walls in your room would have, of course, all playskool colors. Most of them are absolutely psychotic deranged people, dictating even smallest things like a theme for your desktop on people AND going out of their way to REMOVE the option for anyone who wanted Aero Glass theme. Attacking anyone who comes up with a critique or wanting to have a option for other themes or colors. Nothing less than a psychotic illness could cause such behaviour. These are the kind of people who would gladly work at Nazi death camps. I'm sure of it. These kind of people are highly dangerous to society as a whole, especielly if they come into power, anywhere, be it government or just a theme-designer at Microsoft. They should be studied and there should be books written about them to help educate others and perhaps some day we could find a preventive measure on how to deal with a psychotic illness like this, which makes the people having this illness feel the urge to force their views and even their TASTE of colors on to others.
  13. Windows 8 average sales per day: http://www.neowin.net/news/a-closer-look-at-the-windows-8-sales-numbers
  14. http://tech.slashdot...nk-on-windows-8 http://www.theregist...ndows_8_u_turn/ Until they bring back Aero Glass, Microsoft can F*** OFF.

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