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Dear God, I hate windows with all my heart!

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Okay, Okay this is a rant, I hope you enjoy. I really really hate windows. Back then it was wonderful tool and toy. It was intergreated with DOS and above that was some form of Windows/OS2/or even something else. Unix was left for the proffessionals ( Indians or whatever ), but now it is in the hands of moroons. I hate hate hate Windows, because it in inflict my worklife and now private life.

Here is how the hate starts.

First when I went to college, we had to use many programs, So of course I had to upgrade my setup for my college. I tried to cope, and use programs ( the last versions ) but it did not work out. The versions would leave errors, like no tommorow ( desktop publishing ), and of course Microsoft Office became unworkable. Then to make things worst because everybody is too wuss, to fix a program, we are left with last versions of software, that has all kinds of memory errors.

Now my problem with upgrading, is that I have gotten usted to 9x. However because everybody wants video editing, and nobody makes game fixs for 9x, I am stuck using the evil, 2000,Xp, and so forth. But I hate switching. Nowadays I just have to buy a lock out key, because 9x running under whatever NT version they have now, just does not work properly.

So to sum up these rambling of words, I hate upgrading because all the programs I have to use for work, do not run on my setup.

However their are programs that does the same job, but the files and results are not the same, and are not multitasking. Plus I lose out on my 9x freedom.

Let me tell you why 9x is so auwsome, or any Pre 2000 built on DOS system. Because you can do everything in DOS from image editing, game building, high-end projects. You just need the right programmer, and the right edits to the system to meet your needs.

You had a beautiful startup splash screen, instead of a garbage animated bar. Microsoft made it so uncool to show their logo.

Then to make things even more easier, you know where everything is. Day in and day out I have remember where these files go, or where this and that account is.

So what is the other reason I why I hate pre 2000 systems? Well Operating Systems hae more then one entrance. Meaning more then one user access point. If you know anything about forensiks science you will understand. 9x a "hacker" probably has many loop holes in the system. Then with a gun held to your skull, a person with the right tools ( built for Windows X ) could just browse

your forsaken machine, and find just about anything. It makes it unlawful to encrypt anything, because they have decrypting persons standing by like a school teacher who gets paid to hawkout for substitute jobs. If a lawyer in this feild could back me up, I know they could make more logical sense.

However the point, is that Windows is built to monitor people. Ever since IE, it has been one big game to waste your time,

with errors, playing musical chairs with system files, and even the ole disappearing, important folder tricks. Sometimes I do not even know if my bluetooth is off, or my wireless is not giving me brain damage.

1. Windows is unable to run older programs on purpose. I can't even compose a simple HTML file on VII anymore. Even the poor Macs turned to Intel, that hurts a whole amount of the Apple community. Windows hurt the pure DOS community.

2. Windows, are setup to get people in trouble with the law. Talk about invasion of home privacy. encrypting will not help. Privacy is impossible on all angles, unless one could expand. I feel naked

3. Windows have these errors built in on purpose. I swear, when they make the newest, Windows they do this on purpose. The common buyer, an person who can barely type on a computer, will purchase the latest/greatest model without even understanding how to lock off a virus, or could spot a virus. I have seen the papers, and a whole bunch of free-ware ( free-ware that monitors unlawful entry ), that is listed as being a clear sight of unwanted activity. Meaning you could be using a program, to guard "attackers" and they do not want you to use that program.

I am just fed up with Windows. Their are too many things, that just have gone too far, and nobody is not doing anything to stop,

it. They took away our happy, normal dos enviorment, they took away our privacy. not just on the consumer level, and the errors

just keep on rolling and rolling, and rolling. I mean dear god, when will the madness, stop. How long will this consumer insanity continue.

Oh I forget most programmers are saints, who let these things pass them by. Their is a problem with our privacy, and it is out of

control like a wayward daughter, with over twenty children ( which is beyond out of control ). Like prohibition, it is pure madness. I do not know long I can take it. I guess I will just have to wing it.

Will it stop, please tell me that it will, because unless we unite as one force against these mindless peoples, all that will be left

is a bunch of a computer users, smart as an unregister voter who talks about a canidate but does not even vote. We have a choice, and even if a whole bunch of heads roll in the IT, or even computer programming department, our peace must be heard.

The next generation of users are upon us, and they will suffer for our laziness, and unwilling to act.

So I ask of you go down to your congress person, and fight to keep the privacy of what we do with our computers to our own lives.

I already feel like if I am in an "invasion of the body snatchers film" when I leave my home, but when I am inside my home, I want to know, this is my home, I am not talking or telling people anything at all, I am just using my computer. My computer that can play a normal dos game and run windows applications at browse the four corners of the internet.

The privacy of your own home is only privacy we have left.

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There is good news for you. There's Windows 7! Everything you want at your fingertips. ;)

P.S. I agree with you 100%.

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All I can say is TL;DR. After seeing conspiration theories in your post, I refuse to read anymore of it. Yes it's a rant, but retarded one.

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Let me tell you why 9x is so auwsome, or any Pre 2000 built on DOS system. Because you can do everything in DOS from image editing, game building, high-end projects.

1. DOS or any DOS app for complex things is dog sh*t, you can't compare win32 app with complex UI to some DOS app that can't do half those things and/or even efficient at that

2. all 9x systems were unstable, why ? DOS as foundation and its crappy VxD drivers !

3. game building ? for which era ? :P

seriously, 9x system are lightweight but can't be compared to NT ones, NT if nothing else gives stability, something that 9x sucks at hourly

I hated the switch too, I used winME for years (that's right... 98/se sucks), then used win2000 (NT 5) for a while, and my 1st impression was:

"I don't have to reset PC when explorer crashed ? no BSOD ? - SUPER !"

I could finally use my OS without fear of BSOD crash

later I didn't touch winME, this was 9 years ago

later I got hardware for XP which had much better multimedia and game support, and I sticked with it up until 2011

today switch to either 2000 or XP will cost you minimal as hardware for that OS-es is nothing new

yet you get far better experience and stability in long run

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