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Cannot integrate KB2686509


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I didn't manage to integrate KB2686509 with HFSLIP. The file is under HFSVCPACK_SW1\WindowsXP-KB2686509-x86-DEU.exe

After the installation Windows Update reports KB2686509 missing.

System is Windows XP SP3.

HFSLIP file checker reports this

Running HFSLIPFC v.2012/05/04 at 04.01.2013 23:31:45,78
not found (H): HF\Windows-KB890830-v4.15.exe (Malicious Software Removal Tool v4.15)
Found Windows Messenger 5.1 (HFGUIRUNONCE\messenger.msi): Ensure that Windows Messenger 5.1 is the current version
Found MS09-053: FTP Service for Internet Information Services (HF\WindowsXP-KB975254-x86-DEU.EXE): For KB975254 you need HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta D or newer
Found Security Advisory 2269637: Library Loading (HF\WindowsXP-KB2264107-x86-DEU.exe): Read KB2264107 how to set the new registry key CWDIllegalInDllSearch to change the behavior of loading DLLs.
Found Remove the CWD from the DLL search order (HFSVCPACK\WindowsXP-KB2264107-x86.reg): Highest protection against "DLL Hijacking" but can cause problems with some apps. Read KB2264107.
Found User Profile Hive Cleanup Service 1.6g (HFSVCPACK_SW1\UPHClean-Setup.msi): Ensure that this is really v1.6g
Found Security Advisory 2728973: Certificates Revocation (HF\rvkroots.exe): For KB2728973 you need HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta J v10 or newer
Found Windows Media Player 11 (HF\wmp11-windowsxp-x86-DE-DE.exe): When getting problems during text-mode copy-phase, extract the WMP11-installer manually to HF/WMP11
Found Window Update Agent 7.6.7600.243 (HF\windowsupdateagent30-x86.exe): Be sure that you have the latest EXE
Found Windows Genuine Advantage Validation (HFCABS\LegitCheckControl.cab): Be sure that you have the latest CAB

Can somebody help me on that?



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