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Project Updated: Win8PE_SE_2014-05-19


Main Features:
Retrieve Tools, GetWaikTools: updated version Adding Win 8.1 devcon tools. Thanks JFX
PXE Support: New. Mapping Drive Y from Network instead of CD-ROM/USB. Thanks 2aCD
PowerShell: New. command-line shell and associated scripting language built on .NET Framework. based on 2aCD' Win7PE plugin. 
Remote Desktop Connection: New. Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) 8.0
My Computer - Name: New. change 'My PC' Name. based on Gena plugin
Small Border Width: New. Reduced windows borders in Windows 8. Thanks JFX
1 - Copy Files: Bypass Driver Signing on x64 build. Thanks JFX
2 - Shell & Config: Add Win8.1 devcon downloaded. add a3x association, Pintool 1.2.4: Pin to Classic Shell 3.5.1 and 4, thanks neon2m.
Create ISO: mkisofs version 3.01.a22 added with BIOS/UEFI support. Thanks cdob
0 - Shell Loader: Pecmd 1201.80.14.7 updated
Classic Shell: with fuwi's improvements integrated Restart and Shut Down with CD-eject, selectable StartButton style...
Imdisk: updated version 1.8.0
Power Options: New. Turn off display, Turn off hard disk (minutes On battery and Plugged in.
Search Pstart: New. Search PStart.exe on a drives. Thanks wimb
Q-Dir Nenad: Updated version 5.94
Opera v12: Updated version 12.17
Attribute Changer Petges: Updated version 7.10f
WinNTSetup3: Updated version 3.5.1
ServiWin: updated version 1.61
WinContig: updated version 1.20b
Copy to USB-Device BCD BootMGR: Set BCD timeout & description in efi BCD
Rufus: updated version
Adjustments, improvements here and there .


Important: Always Check Win8PE SE topic post 1 to get latest updates and informations.


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Project Updated: Win8PE_SE_2014-10-17


Main Features:
Original NET drivers: Atheros, Broadcom, Intel, Realtek and Ralink drivers.
Q-Dir Nenad: updated v5.99.8
ServiWin: updated v1.62
Sysinternals Process Monitor: Enable Boot Logging option for developer only
WinNTSetup3: updated v3.7.0 with compatibility XP--> Win10 TP
Multi-WIM: Option to add or not BCD uefi entry.
Power Options: Option to Disable USB Selective suspend added
Audio: Additional drivers USB audio, Bluetooth Audio, Modem Wave-Voice
syslinux:  Updated v6.03
grub4dos: Updated v0.4.5c-2014-09-26
Innounp: Updated
Imdisk: Updated v1.8.5
VirtualBox Emulation: Add Intel Audio HD choice, Set VBoxOsType for Win8 and Win8.1.
rufus: Updated v1.4.8
GetWaikTool: updated v2.0, It reduced download size and add command line options: -xpramboot, -xpwimboot -7z:{pathto7z.exe}
.... Thanks to All


Important: Always Check Win8PE SE topic post 1 to get latest updates and informations.



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