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Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 trial switchless


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Today I made a passive installer for Ashampoo Burning Studio 12, this was released over at Ryan's.

Sorry if this looks like a copy-and-paste (well, it is...) but I'm a lazy bastard so you'll have to do it with this.

Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 Lite / Trial

Author: Ashampoo GmbH


This installer is (again) based on n0ak's Inno script and also contains his reg tweaks.

I've managed to get the size down a lot, the original installer contains a whole bunch of crap.

This is not an Autoit script, and Burning Studio is not NSIS based, it's Inno.

Getting this done "the right way" is time consuming but yields excellent results, just look at the final size.

What does this do?

- Installs Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 without the crap

- Only English and Spanish language included

- Shows installer in one of the two languages, depending on OS language

- Sets automatically the UI language, depending on OS language

What does it not do?

- Doesn't install the toolbar

- Doesn't autostart Internet explorer or Ashampoo after install

- Doesn't change the default web explorer search provider

- Doesn't install the gadget,

- Service channel is disabled

- Doesn't install themes , all languages removed except English and Spanish).


If people want the themes, I can make them available as a separate download. The package comes in over 100MB.

I have no idea if I'm breaking any rule or law by doing so, if that should be the case, the deal is off

Last but not least, key is not included, you may edit the reg files in the archive to add your own key.

Date: December 24, 2012

Filename: abs12trial.exe

Size: 41,3 MB (43.343.452 bytes)

CRC32: 1A1F10CB

MD5: 0878F982DBC972DA44A6A503E98244F4

SHA-1: 16F4BDB7E2BDA52AD4A89845F7E395087DB415B4

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?z2714ciqo8dq2mk


n0ak for his work on the Inno script

shiner for his ideas on multilanguage SFX.


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Kayo90 asked me for a similar installer but for Ashampoo Burning Studio version 6 FREE.

Consider it done, you have to test it and I expect some feedback on how it worked.

All options that apply to version 12 also apply to version 6 FREE, with three exceptions:

- Does not need a key

- Default language is English

- All languages have been preserved.

This one had a horseload of crap inside, but Ashampoo has become "clean" now.

Date: December 24, 2012

Filename: abs6_free.exe

Size: 6,89 MB (7.226.557 bytes)

CRC32: 5784AAC6

MD5: B6E6533777EC41EECD89C6DD6291C354

SHA-1: 518AEFC148E3A0C45CFA60B87E12E65EF9A8F597

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gj474o56tsp4dp2


Edit: Moderator, could you please edit the titel and put also version 6 FREE in it? Thanks!

Edited by Escorpiom
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@geej - Downloaded, Started Install, Got Key, Cancelled Install.

I am "assuming" that it can be used on ANY computer ONCE (must be activated) at ANY TIME (even though the Free Key given) without Install Time Limitation? If not, oh well...

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I'm trying to make switchless using winrar+inf for x86 (Xp/Win7)

If anyone wants it, I will create a separate topics. (Should be more user customizable at their end since it is inf-based.)

Uploaded copy is likely below 1MB so that user can add rest of files themselves. (a Trial copy w/o key)

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Found this (dated OLDER than) about the "Studio 2013" version-


Just a warning...

BTW, you STILL have time to get it as of this post...

side note - apparently Version 11 (?)

edit - This version ALSO has the stupid "Conduit" software - BE AWARE! ( I HATE that stuff!) Same (Conduit crapware) as the "Version 6 Free" one... Extract via UniExtractor.

@geej - fine by me... also sans Conduit Toolbar?

Edited by submix8c
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The version 2013 giveaway is indeed version abs 11, but comes with updated crapware.

I'm not so exited about the paid vs. free version, because we have to deal with the crap regardless.

The paid version should, in my opinion, allow for a completely clean install. That is not the case.

Inf install looks interesting, if this prevents the crap from installing.

Modifying the Inno script takes a while so any alternatives are most welcome.


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edit - This version ALSO has the stupid "Conduit" software - BE AWARE! ( I HATE that stuff!) Same (Conduit crapware) as the "Version 6 Free" one... Extract via UniExtractor.

@geej - fine by me... also sans Conduit Toolbar?

If you choose custom setup, then untick all craps components, there will be no crap or whatsoever installed.

I tested burning my slipstream XP iso. Burn w/o error. Tested during early xp setup (textmode copy) and give me error message. Had to abort the "so-called" setup.

Re-burn same DVD-RW disc with Passcape ISO Burner and BurnawareHome (a recent Giveaway) and both works flawlessly.

So Burning Studio 2013 is not a keeper for me.

I remembered earlier free version 6.80 I tested also had some problem. Never rip CD-aduio to mp3 properly even though no error message during ripping. In fact, WMP default ripping to mp3 feature is better than the Free v6.80

(User should test whether it works well with your DVD burner or not)

Nevetheless, if someone still need a silent install method w/o craps, I can still post it (inf-based method).


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