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  1. Works great! You're the best! Thanks again!
  2. Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 Free

    .... i dont understand anything LOL :'( thanks the same xD
  3. hi, how can i change colour, font and dimensions of text of WPI principal page? This violet kills my eyes....and also font dimension xD Please help...
  4. Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 Free

    im n00b Please can someone create install file of Ashampoo Burning Rom 6 FULL FREE with this features? 1. Does not install the MyAshampoo toolbar 2. Does not autostart IE (or any browser) 3. Does not change default search scope 4. Does not install gadgets 5. Does not autostart ASBS after install. This is the original file...i want insert it in WPI without toolbar, IE page etc,,..but i'm very noob please help me http://ashampoo.downloadcluster.com/public/ash/0710/ashampoo_burning_studio_6_free_6.81_4312.exe
  5. Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 Free

    hey guys..how can i use this script? I dont understand..
  6. There will surely be a solution. No one knows? Exemple: 1) Installing ImgBurn in Silent Mode, WPI also installs ask Toolbar 2) Installing MiPony in Silent Mode, WPI also installs Babylon Toolbar Please help me...i hate them!!
  7. where? o.o but hovewer this isnt a problem of ccleaner only... a lot of programs have toolbars and other bored applications inside.. How avoid them?
  8. Hello guys. I have a question and i hope that you help me. If i set "Silent mode installation", many times i've programs that also installs optional applications automatically. For exemple, if i install CCleaner in silent mode, WPI installs CCleaner and Chrome that are in setup.. How can i avoid this? It is a problem of lots programs that install automatically other applications, toolbars, etc.... Thanks in advance. Regards, kayo.