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Weird Windows 95 problem....


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So I installed Windows 95 on Virtualbox. I wanted to fix the colors from 16 to 32 colors and have the highest screen resolution possible. I installed Scitech Display Doctor in order to combat this problem. After installing all the drivers and setting my monitor, I wanted to change my screen resolution and colors. I wen t to display properties but ended up with I never ending window and no way for me to press apply. Is there any way to fix this abnormal problem? post-361247-0-72995100-1354468710_thumb.

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I am not sure to get it (actually I am sure I don't get it).

Your screenshot is of a windowed VM, what happens if you make the windows larger (or full-screen)? :unsure:

Which resolution is your "real" display?


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My real resolution is 1280 by 800. The resolution in the VM is 640 by 480. If I drag the window in the VM it keeps going and going and there is no end. I want to fix that so I am able to save my changed settings.

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Hello there, sorry for necromancing this thread, but I had the exact same problem and was able to fix it (yay!)... so I wanted to post a reply in case anyone else is browsing for the same answer. I'm sure the OP has moved on, but this might help others.

The window stretching has to do with that 'SciTech Display Doctor' tab added to the Display Properties (desk.cpl) GUI. I honestly don't know what misalignment of stars made it act the way it did for myself and the OP, but for me it was bogus anyway since it would just disappear when I clicked on it. And, yes, there's still a way to apply changes or just keep tabbing off all the active options and hit 'enter' when you're sure you've landed on the OK button, buuut... this is better:

  1. Run > regedit
  2. Navigate to this folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Controls Folder\Display\shellex\PropertySheetHandlers
  3. You'll notice there's a subfolder for SciTech here. I played it safe and just renamed the "PropertySheetHandlers" folder to "PropertySheetHandlersX" to disable this entry, though it might be safe to delete it entirely.

NOTE: I also cleared the Display Properties cache, but I did this before the above, and that in itself didn't work. In case there was a magic combo of things, that can be found here:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Controls Folder

There will be an entry labeled "Presentation Cache"... I just deleted it (after exporting it in case I tanked everything).

I'm not necessarily THIS savvy where something so deep in the weeds of technology is concerned. This was more like a combination of piecing together info from around the internet, and dumb luck, so just paying it forward. :D

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