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  1. So I have a Dell Optiplex GX110 and it runs Windows 98. I have tried to download ethernet drivers from Dell, but none seem to work. It is connected by an ethernet cable to a wireless repeater. I tried everything I could find on Dell's website, and it detected some 3Com thing and said the device was working properly. But when I opened K-Meleon or IE 6, none of them were able to connect to the internet. So is it a problem with the driver or the repeater?
  2. Windows ME driver help!

    Thanks to everyone for all their help. I knew that I made the right choice by coming here. So thank you all. :thumbup :thumbup
  3. Windows ME driver help!

    Thanks, I was getting annoyed that I couldn't find a driver. Also, is there a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 driver for ME? I don't have sound on ME either.
  4. Windows ME driver help!

    No unknown device shown in device manager. Just Dial-Up Adapter and 2 NDIS 1394 Net Adapters. Not sure what motherboard or video card I have, but I have an Intel Pentium D and 512 mb of RAM.
  5. Windows ME driver help!

    Anyone know where I could get a nvidia nforce ethernet driver? I would like to connect to the internet with windows ME if possible.
  6. Weird Windows 95 problem....

    My real resolution is 1280 by 800. The resolution in the VM is 640 by 480. If I drag the window in the VM it keeps going and going and there is no end. I want to fix that so I am able to save my changed settings.
  7. Weird Windows 95 problem....

    So I installed Windows 95 on Virtualbox. I wanted to fix the colors from 16 to 32 colors and have the highest screen resolution possible. I installed Scitech Display Doctor in order to combat this problem. After installing all the drivers and setting my monitor, I wanted to change my screen resolution and colors. I wen t to display properties but ended up with I never ending window and no way for me to press apply. Is there any way to fix this abnormal problem?
  8. Windows ME driver help!

    One detail I forgot to mention: I dual-booted ME and XP and on Windows XP I installed a nVidia ethernet controller (or something like that) so I guess that would be the brand. (I think...)
  9. Windows ME driver help!

    Does anyone here know where I could find an Ethernet driver for Windows ME??? I searched the internet for many but I could not find one that would allow me to connect to the internet. Can someone help me???