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Simple WinSetupFromUSB Question

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Can i on one usb stick set it up for xp & server 2003 and windows 7 & server 2008

from my look at it i can only chose either xp or server 2003 & windows 7 or server 2008

am i right?


It may be a simple question, but the answer is not completely straightforward.

If you re-read attentively first post here:

you should be able to see how you can have as many 2K/XP (and conversely 2003 ;)) in the same partition and 1 (and one only) Vista :ph34r:/7/2008 in that same partition, BUT you can have more using some other methods and/or using a couple of "advanced" tricks.

(admittedly this is not fully "evident" or "esplicitly stated" :blushing: but since it is an "advanced" use one would presume that before trying this complex setup will have a couple tries with the tool to get familiar with it and with the docs/howto's )

The new place for the link suggested for the multiple Vista :ph34r:/7/2008 is this one:


or you can try the newish approach here:


or the even newer one here:


Or you can use a partition entry switcher:


and still use WinSetupFromUSB (limited to up to 99 2k/XP/2003 and one Vista :ph34r:/7/2008 on first partition and another Vista :ph34r:/7/2008 on second partition)


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