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  1. Can i on one usb stick set it up for xp & server 2003 and windows 7 & server 2008 from my look at it i can only chose either xp or server 2003 & windows 7 or server 2008 am i right?
  2. thanks man ,you are the man xD.......that's exactly what I was looking....the page http://www.appdeploy.com/packages/ is great....thanks again man........... sees the hour, until this hour still being searching XD (4:05am venezuelan time) @ arabianhorse I have been looking for something like this, other than here at MSFN THANK YOU
  3. Can i please confirm if the following switches should work for V7 & V8 respectively. V7 nero- /NORESTART /USER="The_Flying_Scot" /COMPANY="Home User" /SERIAL="XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX" /TYPE="Full" Question 1 are the quotes marks required Question 2 can i rename the file to just nero7 giving nero7.exe /NORESTART /USER="The_Flying_Scot" /COMPANY="Home User" /SERIAL="XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX" /TYPE="Full" V8 nero- /NORESTART /USER="The_Flying_Scot" /COMPANY="Home User" /SERIAL="XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX" /TYPE="Full" Question 3 are the quotes marks required Question 4 can i rename the file to just nero8 giving nero8.exe /NORESTART /USER="The_Flying_Scot" /COMPANY="Home User" /SERIAL="XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX" /TYPE="Full"
  4. To the author of NERO lite I have just found this thread and i am downloading as we speak for use in my WPI Project. THANK YOU for your hard work.
  5. This is great news, I have just tested the BETA I was emailed and can confirm that I had no problem installing all 5 instances of office 2003. no breaks. no code warnings. nothing at all. infact all of my softwear went like a charm. GUYS YOU DESERVE A MEDAL.
  6. 100% however if you use ORK to do a fully unatended customised install use the following, once you have your MST file. 1. On General tab, enter the following into the "Run after extraction" field: setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /QN 2. On the Modes tab: - tick "Unpack to temporary folder" - select "Hide all" under "Silent mode" - select "Overwrite all files" under "Overwrite mode" 3. On the Text and icon tab, enter the following text in the "Title of SFX window" field: Microsoft Office 2003 Professional SP3
  7. @midiboy If this works, all i can say is you dancer. as mritter says its amazing that IE7 can cause this problem. I can confirm that i have IE7 slipstreamed into my sp3 disk. @stoner81 My code is correct, I have just used my install disc's and code to make switchless installers using winrar and then converted them to CAB addods. This worked fine and all 5 instances of office 2003 installed at the t13 point. @mritter using switchless winrar installers dont work in wpi either the same old error comes up, just thaught id try an alternative. That said if the debug problem midiboy found fixs the problem i have just reduced the size of my install disk drastickly. So something good has come of it.
  8. I am a legit user of this, is it possiable to add my username and password?
  9. The email must have filtered into my spam mail! i have not downloaded any new betas since i done the testing for you If its still on the link you PM'd me then i will download the new beta!!!
  10. 2003 Read and follow this http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/50/ Then in WPI for the application assuming you have it in WPI\Install folder you will need the following in the config of WPI "%wpipath%\Install\xxxxx\PRO11.MSI" TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb- where xxxxx is the name of the folder containing all your files. Hope this helps Stoner81 I appreciate the cut of your jib and your code does work as does mine, The problem lies in an application installer error that multiple instances of office tricks WPI into thinking that a restart is needed where one is not.
  11. tried those now and still no luck... ah well we live and try again.... let me know when there is more beta testing to do Rob
  12. prior to running your install of WPI i tested 5 individual installs of office, project, visio, onenote and frontpage. all were successful. All of my codes end with /noreboot so this should set the installer not to reboot but it does on the second instance of an office instalation or something tricks WPI into thinking it should reboot. I dont know coding but i do know logic. I only use one line of code per instalation, as shown below. %cdrom%\office2003\office\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb- /noreboot %cdrom%\office2003\frontpage\setunext instalation p.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb- /noreboot %cdrom%\office2003\visio\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb- /noreboot %cdrom%\office2003\project\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb- /noreboot %cdrom%\office2003\onenote\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb- /noreboot none of that should be new to you of course but if i were to add a second comand line per install which was noreboot would WPI look at that and not reboot? How could i code that into the second command line or is it a non starter. another option would be to try and delay the start of the ofending instalation by some sort of time loop How could i code that into the second command line or is it a non starter as well. I am just thinking out loud it might help or on the other hand i might be talking drivel.
  13. hi there, i am using WPI but this is not an issue with that, what i am wanting to know is that is it possiable to repackage office, frontpage visio, project and one note in a diferant installer. the reason i am asking is due to an error which occurs in the microsoft MSI file. so basicaly i want to know if i can use some other util to repackage and install office. i hope this makes sense if not please ask any questions and i will do my best to explain what i mean.
  14. I have used that guide to form my MST files for unatended instalation in WPI, I am now testing for mritter to try and find and iron out a few problems.
  15. thanks i will have a look now, if i dont fall asleap 3 am here in scotland lol
  16. its not rebooting, i am getting some sort of error msg saying it cant reboot, so i was thinking if i told it not to reboot then i would not get the error msg, just my weird thinking on the problem ive got. ive now found on anther site the code is /noreboot so i will add this to my code and find out if my error msg goes away it could also b e a problem with vm where if i still get the problem i will post pictures and more info.
  17. Hi there, I am very new to WPI . Basicaly i want to have a disc with the options of installing microsoft office, this will be 5 entries office,frontpage,visio,project and onenote. The problem i have is that i want to tell the application not to reboot after each install of the varios parts of office. the code i am using is %cdrom%\office2003\office\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qn- %cdrom%\office2003\frontpage\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qn- %cdrom%\office2003\visio\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qn- %cdrom%\office2003\project\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qn- %cdrom%\office2003\onenote\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qn- what piece of code is required to stop the reboot thanks in advance
  18. I am working on a DVD with all my operating systems. Like XP you can save the CD key in a file such that you do not have to enter it! Is there a way of doing this with ME and 98SE. Any help and advice would be apreciated. Regards The_Flying_Scot
  19. I am kinda new here, even though ive pottered about looked for information to be hounest im a little unsure! Can you tell me if there any bugs with the new system or do i have to edit some of the files. Regards ME
  20. What im thinking is that, stop me when i go wrong! 1. you can have more than one path because its a text file! i.e. path = C:\windows path = C:\windows\system32 ect 2. in dos although its not dos you could set up more than one path to look for things i will try it and see. I will let you know what i find
  21. Must admit it dosent work for me. thats why i had to download the 7zip can i just add @ Bâshrat the Sneaky the driver packs you have done are simply world class. made me think about doing one for modems but i guess that would be massive!
  22. 1. search using google for 7zip 2. download 7zip 3. extract using 7 zip. job done
  23. Hello everone, having done my work copys and slipstreamed xp I thaught I would do my own. I have decided to add the extra drivers that have been posted in this forum. What I would like to know, if you can tell me that is, is can i have more than one OemPnPDriversPath. i.e. in my winnt.sif file can i have 2 or more lines that show driver paths. For instance:- OemPnPDriversPath="DRIVERS\Sound\A; with all driver locations for sound OemPnPDriversPath="DRIVERS\Grahics\R; with all driver locations for graphics OemPnPDriversPath="DRIVERS\Lan\d; with all driver locations for lan or is it a must for it to look like this. OemPnPDriversPath="DRIVERS\Lan\d;DRIVERS\Grahics\R;DRIVERS\Sound\A" Please if you can if it is not possiable to do so can you explain, is it mearly because one would over wright the other? My main reason for wanting to do this is that it will and would keep the winnt.sif file in some form of readable and coherant order. if i have all three sets in the one entry it will be so long as to be hard to read and control addition driver additions. kind regards and thanks for the help!
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