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How to keep the installation order number?:


1 - Inside program.js , changing (on line 213):

{return x - y;} 

2 - Inside program.js (on line 322) adding:

progspercat.sort(byOrder);  // Sort by ascending numerical order

if (SortWithinCats)
progspercat.sort(SortByProg); // Sort by alphabetical order

Thanks to make tests and check if it's OK!

Tested and works fine for me!


Edited by myselfidem
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Is needed italian translation update form 8.6.5 to 8.6.6?

Yes, jinkazama

Because there is new functions added, and two new lines translated needed.

End of WPI_v8.6.6 lang_en.js:

// v8.6+
lblNumberOfCores[lang] = ['Number Of Cores'];
lblNumberOfLogicalProcessors[lang] = ['Number Of Logical Processors'];
lblProductKey[lang] = ['Product Key'];
lblKeyboardLayout[lang] = ['Keyboard Layout'];

Cheers and regards

*Edit: Oops...Sorry missing some new words inside lang_fr.js (line 972)

French language file updated:


*Edit: lang_fr.js given

Edited by myselfidem
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Could you add inside WPI_v8.6.6 the French Manual updated with: [Comparison operator ===] added on Chapter 7, please!

French Manual and lang_fr.js updated for WPI_v8.6.6:


Thanks and regards.

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WPI typically used for installation of programs not only legal, but also programs of paid-compromised.

In connection with this I propose to do the switch defaults to WPI legal software and illegal

So it will be more convenient for the users, well and accordingly the color difference programs legal from illegal.

For example I came to anybody home install programs, change to the illegal and installed.

And if I go in or what kind of organization or the office, then set the switch on legally.

Perhaps You have there in the USA use only legal software, but we have in Russia use the programs that are comfortable and pay for them or who do not want to.

According to statistics, in Russia, 90% of the users use illegal software including OS.

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I suggest to add a new command inside installer.js (line 1209) using: msiexec.exe /i %WPIPath%\Program.msi /qn

case 'MSI':
var src, splits;

if (cmd.indexOf('" "') != -1)
splits=cmd.split('" "');
if (src.substr(0,1)=='"')
splits=cmd.split('" ');
splits=cmd.split(' ');

cmd='msiexec.exe /i "'+src+'" /qn';

Adding inside configwizard.js

On line 372:

CommandsMenuBar.addNewChild("cmd_system", 5, "dos_msi", "Msi", false, "", "");

On line 643:

case 'dos_msi':
HandleCommandsSelectionMenu("{MSI} ");

Tested and works fine for me. Example with SkypeSetup.msi:


cmds[pn]=['{MSI} "%wpipath%\\Install\\SkypeSetup.msi"'];

Result inside WPI_Log.txt:

dimanche 26 mai 2013 07:36:44

Programme: Skype

ID unique: SKYPE

Ordre: 000005

Catégorie: Applications

dimanche 26 mai 2013 07:36:54 - cmd1 Succès (Code de retour 0): msiexec.exe /i "C:\WPI_v8.6.6\Install\SkypeSetup.msi" /qn

dimanche 26 mai 2013 07:36:55 - Installation terminée.

Thanks and regards

*Edit: post updated

Thanks to check if it's OK

*Edit2: However I see this option already exists using USSFStrings:

"Switches" : 'msiexec.exe /i %s /qb',

Edited by myselfidem
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Inside WPI.hta

Maybe we can change the lines 432 and 446:

strFile=ReplacePath('"%sysdir%\\mshta.exe" "'+wpipath+'\\Common\\Installer.hta"');

Changing to:

strFile=ReplacePath('"'+sysdir+'\\mshta.exe" "'+wpipath+'\\Common\\Installer.hta"');

Thanks to check if it's OK!


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I suggest to add a new command inside installer.js (line 1209) using: msiexec.exe /i %WPIPath%\Program.msi /qn
and what about Properties of .msi? I met some programs, which you could set the default language, destination directory and so on using Properties of MSI package, how would it be done with a new part of code?
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