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  1. mo4sa It is not necessary to use cmd, WPI can do what You need by itself. Here is an example how i install Comodo Internet Security x64 from .msi package: {x64} "%wpipath%\Install\Antuvirysu\cis_setup_x64.msi" /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress CIS_LANGUAGE_ID=1049 INSTALLANTIVIRUS=0 SETOURDNSSERVER=2The message You've got can appear if there are spaces in the path of the set.msi file.
  2. Need lang files and mods!

    Already posted here
  3. Languages, Themes, Manuals & Mods

    Hi Kel, here is the renewed Ukrainian language file. Good luck! lang_ua.js
  4. Languages, Themes, Manuals & Mods

    and what about Properties of .msi? I met some programs, which you could set the default language, destination directory and so on using Properties of MSI package, how would it be done with a new part of code?
  5. Languages, Themes, Manuals & Mods

    Seems like some troubles with site, the attachment it the same as in previous post... lang_ua.js
  6. Languages, Themes, Manuals & Mods

    Hello, i've updated the Ukrainian lang file with two new lines.
  7. Languages, Themes, Manuals & Mods

    Had the language file been updated? Send me please English lang file in PM and i'll update Ukrainian one.
  8. WPI 8.6 and beyond bug\bugfix thread

    Actually that didn't help, but 8.4.6 version works faster and there is no such bug as on the picture. And what about blue background on starting wpi?
  9. WPI 8.6 and beyond bug\bugfix thread

    i usually use Opera 12.12
  10. WPI 8.6 and beyond bug\bugfix thread

    Hello everybody, using WPI v 8.6.3 met one thing that made me reinstall OS (i thought i killed it with frequent install/uninstall software for testing) but the result is the same(look the attachment). Could You help? And one more thing (this i meet for a long time) launching wpi.exe i see the main page with blue background only. This last for few seconds but looks not pretty, exiting the config or options wizard does the same.
  11. Languages, Themes, Manuals & Mods

    Sorry, but i can't understand what to do? Is there any troubles with opening chapter 5 from the chapter 1 page? Розділ means chapter in English. In the content (Page Home) chapter 5 - Theme Wizard overview, and clicking in the head of chapter 1 on chapter 5 we can open the page - Theme Wizard overview. Oh, found some more mistakes in translation (it's because of old manual which i used before) and finally got what You meant, please download the attachment
  12. Languages, Themes, Manuals & Mods

    myselfidem Hi, i've fixed mistakes You had found, here is the attachment P.S. I just had troubles with PC and couldn't attach the archive in a standard way
  13. Languages, Themes, Manuals & Mods

    Hi Kel, here is the manual translated in Ukrainian and updated lang file. Could You tell me what should i change, to get a Ukrainian manual clicking on "Manual" button?
  14. Languages, Themes, Manuals & Mods

    Oh, forgot to attach file.. lang_ru.7z
  15. Languages, Themes, Manuals & Mods

    Hi Kel, here is a new Russian lang file edited by osmaster - a member of one software forum.