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Thermal paste on onboard GPU

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Is it safe to put thermal paste on a onboard gpu? I'm using "Ultra Thermal Compound"

Sorry, but is it stronger than me :ph34r: it sounds to me very like ;):


Seriously now :), what do you mean by "safe"?

I am really failing to understand the question :(.

I mean, IF the GPU (whatever brand model it is) on your motherboard (whatever brand model it is) has a removable cooler/heatsink AND you removed it AND you want to reassemble it, THEN you MUST use some thermal compound or a "thermal pad".

It's not a matter whether it is "safe", it is "unsafe" to not put some thermal paste (or similar "contact media") between a chip and it's heatsink.

Or is the question something like is "Ultra Thermal Compound" , I presume this one:


good/better/worse than <<put here another product>>? :unsure:

Maybe if you explain your question a bit more, providing some background ad details, you will get a "bettered targeted" answer :yes: .


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