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Win 7 64 SP1 + Updates + 3rd party slipstream tools


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I downloaded a MSDN copy of Windows 7 64 Bit w/SP1 and would like to know what 3rd party program I need that will allow me to slipstream (via a script file) all updates since SP1 was released. I know vLite and nLite are out there and are used with Vista and XP, however, I do not know if they are compatible with Win 7.

I would like to download all the updates available, weed out the ones I don't need or want and then slip those along with a few extras (e.g. nVidia 301.24 GPU drivers, AMD chipset drivers, LAN, etc) that are particular to my specific system and burn it to disc in ISO format. Is this possible to do w/o downloading that Win 7 AIK kit from MS??


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You could also just use DISM - assuming you have all the .MSU files, you simply use DISM to slip all the updates into the offline WIM file. Doesn't require any tools that don't already ship with Windows.

Apply Updates to an Image Using DISM

You can do the same thing with drivers, although you may need to extract their installation packages before you can point DISM at them:

Add and Remove Drivers Offline

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Holy... :crazy:

GOOOOOOOGLE and get a REAL "Win7 w/SP1" PRE-Integrated! They IMMEDIATELY jump RIGHT UP for you! Third link down. Other links are there as well. Find one listed that says "SP1u" (preferably) or just "SP1" and the language you want. THEY ARE THERE! Slip all Post-SP1 with DISM.

Post-SP1 Updates -


Quit fooling around wasting your time (and ours).

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