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  1. hi, i'm looking for some hardware and software that has to do with brainwave entrainment that has mic hucked to this device and a box. you see it has to go to my pc, has to do with brainwave entrainment. i don't remember what's the word for it. i seen online a long time ago i mea it's been since 2006. does any budy know what it's called when there is mic to this box that converts speech into brainwaves?
  2. Hi The Finder, is there any compiler to compile a c# simple enought to compile this cod for windows?
  3. how do i compile these if i were able to compile them into dll libaraies and create inf?
  4. this is where i got the script: http://en.sourceforge.jp/projects/sfnet_vcpu-64bit/downloads/vcpu-64bit/emulator%20in%20gambas%200.0.20/64bit_vcpu-0.0.20.tar.gz/ it's a virtual cpu. i'm trying to complie that for windows 7 x64. i need to know how to complie into dll and inf.
  5. yup sure have copie that. don't know where to start for programing with autoit script. is there anyway i can convert c langage into autoit script?
  6. hi, i can't seem to resolve this auto it script can some please help me out here? vcpu v2.au3
  7. Hi, i'm wanting to is how do i eable nonlinear sound. does anyone know how i can that? here is the deffion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonlinear_acoustics
  8. hello, any one going to help me find customizable equalizer of what features i'm looking for?
  9. Hi, i'm looking for customizable equalizer that alous me to customize the frequencies in the equalizer not just the Db. thire is another feature i'm looking for also. the other feature i'm looking is: has to have up 16 bands or 30 bands. i've searched onlline no results just media player, ffdshow has only 10 bands. can someone please help me with this?
  10. only if i had site or link to sites to stop scamers to stop calling here. is there a web site?
  11. hi there, i was cursest about is...i had people call my house for money or scam, the people here don't want them calling here ever. i didn't know anything about tracking me. untill a month ago. so i;ve put the no tracking on for web sites on firefox. now from my old email address by which i can't access because that has been hacked. now i have this problem to deal with. is there any way i can put other there that i don't want to be called from spammer or emailed?
  12. thankx that worked Columbo Fan. but also don't forget to unlock the outfoxtvservice.exe i think you forgot Columbo Fan. that was locked also.
  13. the uninstaller or the software for outfox.tv isn't on my pc. some how the page keeps on poping with out the software. does anyone know why?
  14. The Finder i have tryed those web sites. they didn't even help. there is no uninstaller for outfox.tv. for some reason it keeps on changing my home page back outfox.tv. does any one know why? i also have other browsers too.
  15. yes i have tried hijackthis. i deleted adware, some spyware. i don't remember what i have deleted. it still's go back to outfox.tv. some how it's hidden so well that the outfox.tv keeps showing up. does anyone know why this keeps happening?
  16. hi there, everytime when i either change my home page back to google the outfox.tv keeps on coming back up. i have already deleted the malware to this program. i'm using firefox. i've used spyhunterk, malware bytes, search and destroy bot. it still keeps going back outfox.tv. oh i'm using firefox x64. is there away to get right of this page so it doesn't come back?
  17. well thank you Inconceivable!. i didn't know how to put the words. i'll try them later. thanks for the help!
  18. hi, i was wounder is there any way that i can have password on windows 7 x64 bit like linux's root passwords that is read only. so no one installs malware, spyware on windows 7 x64?
  19. well if you believe in go he'll come to you in human for. he is right under your knows. he create this religion for a good reason. to be like him.
  20. jaclaz hmmm, well. i was in contact of 1 star kid. he said there are darkies. who knows what darkies are, does anyone know what they are or who? they are not giving up without a fight.
  21. hi, i found these if you are a young adult or teen or kid. Group DescriptionThis group is focused upon the appearance and rise of "Meta-Human" Consciousness on Planet Earth, becoming especially visible in the unfolding minds and hearts of our Generations X, Y, and Z. Humankind is now in the midst of a huge transformation, an expansion of awareness that goes way beyond the 3D "box" that we have created for ourselves. The Star Children are a Group Soul who began arriving within 5 years (plus or minus) of the year 1973. These dates are approximated, and exceptions do occur. These are the offspring of that incredible generation of angst and wonder--The Baby Boomers. They come to us specially equipped (right from the factory, so to speak) with certain "powers" and "knowledge" that is designed to connect humanity to a new way of living and thinking. Many Star Children have been asleep to who and what they are. They are now awakening. Their gifts and powers lay dormant, deep within their subconscious and unconscious minds. Much of the unrest that exists in today's youth is due to the fact that our current societal structure does not allow them to explore, acknowledge, or express these innate gifts. here is yahoo group of star children: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/starchildawakening/info here are 42 signs if you are looking for some answers if you want to know you are a star child or indigo or crystal children: http://www.drboylan.com/strkidsigns.html indigo children documentary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoHAy83nc7g some more links to star child star seed. http://www.reconnections.net/star_children_intro.htm
  22. hi, i was wounder is there any software to convert texted into .reg file. i can't save the text into .reg file after i use regshot. well is there any software? or can someone please make for everyone as freeware?

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