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Make a recovery disc from a Toshiba Recovery Partition

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Hi guys, first of all, sorry for refloat the thread, i know its to late, I just wanted to inform you that at the end the laptop works perfectly.

At first I had problems with step number 6, when wrote the command c: / fs: ntfs / q / V: Windows not created in C: but on D: and I had to do it several times until finally stayed in C :

So big thanks to jaclaz for you help and tips and Ntantor for those steps :).


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I gave to my gf my laptop and my gf's nephew dropped milk on it and burned the motherboard. She gave it to a technician to repair in china, since the windows was in english, i guess the tech format it and erased all even the HDDRECOVERY.

Now, I came to visit my gf and the laptop has problem, so I used MiniTool Partition Wizrd to recover my partition. Luckily, I found the HDDRECOVERY.

I tried all the step but I got stuck on imagex command. I got a msg error : "Error opening file [E:\ZZIMAGES\ZZIMAGES\PREINST.SWM]"

Im using win7 x64, model: Toshiba L740. i tried imagex (64bit) same error.

I wonder if my files are corrupted, here is a list of my file. Total size = 11.6 gig. I notice my PREINST14.SWM file is 0 kb. Is this normal???

I appreciate any help,




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No, unfortunately those files are corrupt.

SWM files are more or less similar to "spanned" .zip or .rar archives, you have a number of files of or below a given size (let's say 640 Mb as the size that would fit on a CD or 4700 Mb as the size that would fit on a DVD) and the last one is smaller.



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Hi, I'm new here. This (old) thread has been enormously helpful but I think I might be out of luck since ONE of my .swm files seems to be corrupted. They all open in 7zip except for the first one, PREINST.SWM

This is so frustrating! I love my Toshiba z935-P300, it's sleak, ultra-light, and still relatively fast, but without the factory install windows 7 is plagued by drivers issues. For example, the function keys don't work, the keyboard backlight doesn't work, and I get a BSOD from USB drivers sometimes, and my sound card stops working sometimes until I disable/re-enable it within device manager! (I've installed all the drivers I can from toshiba's support section, but they don't seem to have everything I need for Windows 7 x64)

I wish I had a friend with a Z935 that I could copy the SWM file from :wacko: Does anyone know of a way to download the original recovery disk? I see one offered for $20 by "restore.solutions" but I wonder if that site can be trusted, and what are the chances that they actually have the files I need...

What I would give to go back in time and make a recovery disk...


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Well, but a .SWM opening (or failing to open) in 7-zip is not a real test of *anything*.

What happens using normally imagex (which is what is suggested/explained in this thread)?

Also, depending on the OS you can use, maybe DISM would be a valid alternative.

Or, you could try Wimlib (namely Wimlib-ImageX):


to export the split into .swm's image into a "monolithic" .wim, before despairing/panicking.

Semi-random :w00t::ph34r: thought, what if you make a copy of PREINST.swm and rename it (the copy) to PREINST1.swm? :dubbio:

These are multi-part archives and the inbuilt 7-zip naming convention may play a role in this.



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I have been going through these dramas for around a week now, I made a set of recovery disks (which are totally useless & fail EVERY time I try to install)as I got a few notifications my hard drive was going bad to no avail!!!

The recovery disks are a total waste of time(I'm assuming they MIGHT work If I was reusing the same dodgy hard drive with the recovery section in it but now it won't even load & I'm stuck with a P750 that most of the stuff won't function on. I even went to the trouble of buying another copy of windows 7 as I couldn't find my original disc & went to the microsoft site & after putting in my serial they refused my download as it was an OEM supplied number!!! So frustrating!!! Now I'm stuck with a P750 laptop with no .SWM files, a new 1tb Sandisk SSD & a new Copy of Windows 7 X64

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On 1/10/2012 at 9:20 PM, NextClick said:

Using SWM files to recover my drive.

Hello everyone I’m here to share a simple process that could help hundreds of people that have the same problem I had today. I have a Toshiba Laptop and the drive was going bad. So I tried to reset to factory so that I could clone the drive. But while in the factory reset process the system froze and forced me to reboot! Yep that’s right I lost the factory reset option!

Luckily I was able to copy the swm ( 13 files in all ) files from the D:\HDDRecovery\ zzimage folder from the Toshiba recovery partition to a flash drive. Then I created a bat file named “ resettofactory.bat “ in notepad to use imagex to apply the swm files to the main drive partition.

My batch file command “ imagex /ref PREINST*.SWM /apply PREINST.SWM 1 C:\ ”

Then I edited a iso of a Windows 7 repair cd and placed all the swm files along with imagex and it’s associate files to a folder named Factoryreset in the root directory on the iso, then burned to dvd. Yep works like the manufactures recovery discs .

I boot to dvd

then click on “ repair your computer “

then click on “ Command Prompt “

then X:\Sources> displays

then switch to my dvd drive letter

and type “ cd factoryreset “ and press enter button to switch to factoryreset folder where the files are to recovery my computer. Then I just typed resettofactory then pressed the enter button and it starts. You will see a progress bar 100% when done then reboot that’s it. Their it is, a way to make your own factory recovery disc from a Toshiba recovery partition

I am having same issue and trying to make use of HDDRecovery folder to factory reset my Toshiba laptop. followed steps mentioned however when I execute resettofactory.bat on command prompt, imagex execution fails with error 'The subsystem needed to support the image type is not present. Please let me know what may be causing this.   



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It greatly depends on WHAT exactly are you running (I presume a PE of some kind) AND on HOW exactly you built the PE (from which sources).

Had you actually READ the thread, you would have seen that Ntantor:

had your same issue and solved it by using an updated version of imagex:


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The error you see, the "subsystem needed" indicates you are using the wrong architecture version of imagex.exe for your PE. It means you have a 32bit WinPE and your imagex.exe is 64bit, or your WinPE is 64bit and your imagex.exe is 32bit.

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