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  1. Hi guys, first of all, sorry for refloat the thread, i know its to late, I just wanted to inform you that at the end the laptop works perfectly. At first I had problems with step number 6, when wrote the command c: / fs: ntfs / q / V: Windows not created in C: but on D: and I had to do it several times until finally stayed in C : So big thanks to jaclaz for you help and tips and Ntantor for those steps . Thanks!!!!!
  2. Hi again, @jaclaz thanks for your reply, I replaced the imagex and worked properly. I tried then to restore the image and seemed to work, but bootmgr failed when windows booted. So the solution Ntator suggested (booting from the repair console) is not possible to me ( my bootmgr does not work). Does anybody know how to fix it?. Thanks .
  3. Hi! Sorry, in the command prompt write the following command imagex /ref 15541XSP*.swm /export 15541XSP.swm 2 boot.wim, then hit enter and.... "The subsystem wasn´t present". Ntantor say: "Note: when i used the specific imagex.exe i had an error that the subsystem wasn't present and after a little search i downloaded from microsoft the proper x64 version of it (weird though that the original one wouldn't work) from here: http://hotfixv4.micr...ntl_x64_zip.exe", but i dont know where is he put that file, in root? or inside of the new folder whith the imagex.exe? Thanks and sorry for my poor english .
  4. Hello!! well i have the same issue with another Toshiba satellite without recovery disk, but in this case, the recovery partiton still alive. So i read this post search info and a solution but in the step 5 i have the same error but i dont find the properly fix for try to execute the command, Can you help me to find the properly fix please?. If need more infor about my laptop, please just respond this post. Thanks for your time and Happy Xmas!!.
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