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Anything like FineSSE for MMX?


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It's possible but impractical to emulate MMX in software on non-MMX systems. Remember that we're talking about slow processors working with small amounts of memory (and really slow swap drives).

The developers of any app that refuses to run on a non-MMX processor thought it would run too slowly without MMX; to emulate MMX would be to run an app at a very small fraction of the speed its developers thought was too slow!

Early software that took advantage of MMX could also run without it. Try early versions--they might just work!.

Possible hardware upgrades that would also benefit the OS and all software:

  • Socket 8 mainboard: Pentium II Overdrive ($75-$90)
  • Socket 7 mainboard: Pentium-MMX 233 ($20)
  • Socket 5 mainboard: Winchip ($30) or Pentium-MMX Overdrive ($100)
  • Socket 4 mainboard: upgrade mainboard and CPU ($0-$100)

Impractical software solutions:

  • Use virtualization software
    • none for Pentiums without MMX

    [*]Write an error handler that further slows down an already slow system

    • each MMX app would have to be patched to NOT check for MMX

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