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Best Program to use Remote Assistance ?


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I need to connect to my friends Windows PC over the internet, to provide RA for them. I will be using a laptop runing Vista Home Premium 32 bit trying to connect to a PC running Windows XP 32 bit Home Edition.

I see in this post that Windows default programs are 'painfully slow'.

Are there any other programs you can recommend to make this work faster please?

I've done Linux <--> Linux RFB connections using Centos laptop to main PC, but not tried this out on Windows yet.

Would using SSH -X be any quicker to run a specific application remotely, rather than updating the whole desktop?



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Thanks for those replies friends.

I will check those programs out ASAP and post my findings later!


Thanks again. Gone for TeamWeaver! That's fine and it works well. I like the way it seems to negotiate firewalls (not that that is relevant on my LAN). I tested it on my LAN using my Vista laptop, talking to another laptop running XP.

I was amazed at how easy it is to connect! Still learning how to use it properly. Shame about the price tag though, even for only one user :(

Jed :)

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