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Win 2003 Hotfix list updated


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I was actually thinking of using Server 2003 as a main OS, but it turned out it wasn't ideal for my circumstance. :P

Still, I think there must be at least someone other than you that needs this. After all, 2003 gets an extra year of support compared to XP. :D

BTW, how long have you been using 7? :blink:

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I finally updated my 2003 Server hotfix list, if anyone needs / cares.

The nice thing is that I go back and remove hotfixes that the newer ones make obsolete.

The bummer is that I believe I am the last guy on Earth using Server 2003 and needing hotfixes for it.

Thanks for the good work.  I am still using that list to slipstream updates, when I restall Windows.   Using Windows 7 on my trusted IBM Thinkpad Armada would be like torturing them. Thank the Gods, I've so many Windows 2003 licenses.   

Started using Win 7 in April IIRC
  Do you plan on updating that list in the future ?           As this forum does not work with Opera 12, especially for posting, I'm only lurker.
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