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Windows 8 confirmed for 2012

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Hmmm. :unsure:


Update: OK, believe it or not, the “official” response is Ballmer’s statement isn’t what it seems to be… Sent from a Microsoft spokesman earlier tonight:

““It appears there was a misstatement. We are eagerly awaiting the next generation of Windows 7 hardware that will be available in the coming fiscal year. To date, we have yet to formally announce any timing or naming for the next version of Windows.”

And, as usual, there are many ways to interpret these remarks. Is the next-generation Windows release nothing but Windows 7 with new paint? Windows 8 not the final name for the next version of Windows? (The final name possibly being something other than Windows 8 is something that I’ve heard from my tipsters…) You be the judge….


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We also need to remember that Microsoft is calling both their next mobile offering AND their desktop offering "Windows 8." If we take that into effect, we already can guess to about 7 OS versions for Windows 8 that will come out THIS YEAR and then next year. Where do I come up with 7? How about this:

1-4. MS confirmed they are building Windows 8 versions for the entire ARM CPU line. ARM has 4 different CPUs that are NOT cross-compatible. This means, 4 Windows 8 for ARM.

5. We can probably presume that there will be NO Windows 8 for Itanium CPUs, however that market space is likely to be replaced by the "Tablet" or x86 mobile platform that most cellphones and tablets run on.

6. Windows 8 for x64 for Desktops. This is a given but look for that 2012 date for this one.

7. Windows 8 for x86 or x128? One of these will get made. We already heard that Windows 7 was going to be the last x86 Desktop OS (Server OS stopped x86 in 2008) and those rumors of 128bit Windows 8 showed up a couple years ago. It could be a misforcast of the market, especially since Windows 7 came out and ran at lower requirements than Vista, meaning people weren't moving into 4GB+ RAM territory as much as was thought. This means x64 isn't ready for market (or even next year) even tho x64 numbers are way up. So besides parallel systems, I'm not seeing a big push for 128bit Windows 8, and who do you know has 2 exabytes (sic) or RAM anyways? I'll expect either seeing an x86 Windows 8 show up, or this will be replaced by something else.

And those OSes I listed above are not the standard "flavors" like Pro or Home Premium. I'm talking strictly architecture level differences.

Oh PS: one of the ARM Windows 8 versions to be showcased early June 2011 (that's coming up!) :thumbup

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