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Boot iso from hard disk drive at startup


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Hi guys,

Sorry if this is the wrong forum for my problem.

I am trying to boot a rescue cd from hard drive at startup(using grub) since my cd drive doesn't work anymore. I have an old pc which is infested with malware and would like to clean it up without resorting to a clean install of windows. I am not able to run either MSE or MBAM because of the virus and also the pc is slow with only 256mb ram. The bios doesn't support booting from usb either.

This is the guide i tried but didn't work, http://thinkweird.info/1688/running-hirens-bootcd-from-hard-drive

I followed the steps but when I select the desired option from boot menu, the computer just restarts. What could I be doing wrong?

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As per our forum rules, I would suggest using something other than Hiren's - the tools you use inside the CD might be fine, but the whole of the disc does contain copyrighted and non-free apps, and thus we consider Hiren's here to be warez unless you happen to own licenses for the (many) software tools inside that are non-free. I would instead strongly recommend the bitdefender tools, here. As to getting them to boot from the hard disk, that's another matter entirely that I'll let someone more knowledgeable than I answer.

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Ok. So is it possible to boot the Bitdefender Rescue CD from harddrive using grub?


But it is possible using grub4dos:



title BitDefender Rescue 2011
find --set-root --ignore-cd /BootZone/iso-files/LIVE_OS/bitdefender-rescue-cd.iso
map /BootZone/iso-files/LIVE_OS/bitdefender-rescue-cd.iso (0xff)
# try this map --mem /BootZone/iso-files/LIVE_OS/bitdefender-rescue-cd.iso (0xff)
map --hook
chainloader (0xff)

Read the grub4dos Guide FIRST:




Take your time understanding the basics, should you need help, please DO NOT post on the mentioned thread:


but start a new thread in the appropriate Forum:



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