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WinNTSetup v5.3.5.2


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Hi, my first message and... sorry to bother y guys, but i have nobody to ask. :unsure:

Situation: i have old GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R rev 2.0 motherboard which doesn't support EFI (UEFI).

Bought 1 Tb SSD, basicly i am trying to install Win 10 on this SSD, using MBR for this SSD (cause GPT won't work with BOOT load), created 2 partitions on it: 1 - 100 Mb, second - big one >900gb.

I am trying to use small one for boot load, but for some reason WinNTSetup mark boot part as red, i don't know why. Ok, ignored and installed win 10 anyway with boot type BIOS and legacy settings. This new SSD in my BIOS is loaded first in list, so now it's primary disk, but BIOS skips it for some reason now and load boot loader from old SSD where my Win 7 is installed (C:).

Tool doesn't wana use small MBR partition as bootable same as my system and mark it red. But if i will select C:\ as bootable boot part marked green, but why? This is system disk with Win 7 which i don't wana touch. What i am doing wrong and how to fix it, thanks.



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1 hour ago, JFX said:

For BIOS booting you need to have a active primary partition.
You can do this in windows diskmanager.

Thanks! It works! Even wasn't need to reinstall win 10 and boot loader, just run as it is. Except some random system thread exception error during testing all fine, tho i can always return to windows 7.  :)

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  • JFX changed the title to WinNTSetup v5.3

WinNTSetup 5.3

- compiler updated to PureBasic 6.00 C-Backend
- updated wimlib to version 1.13.6
- right-click on apply mode combo opens Tools\Compact\WimBootCompress.ini
- fixed errors with native 4K drives
- fixed VSS error not displayed
- fixed Bootice Mod always starts in darkmode
- fixed capture problem with OneDrive On-Demand files
- fixed error message on FormatEx failures
- fixed inaccessible devices were listed in drive combo boxes
- fixed offline windows scan may not detect Windows 10/11 builds correctly
- fixed internal VHD boot files option may create duplicate BCD entries
- fixed auto format may not work if drive is in use
- fixed loading ISO with relative path may create duplicates in source combo box
- added commandline switch for VHD-CREATE -uuid:{UUID} (simular to VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid)
- added WinCopy option (copy Windows from one partition to another)
- added WinCopy and WinCopy-CLI command line
- added ReFS support for Windows 11 23H2
- added combobox script selection to diskpart window
- added -diskpart command line switch to bring up diskpart window
- added Remove OneDrive tweak
- added DISM feature enable/disable and APPX removal
- added possability to disable SFX detection with file: "nosfx" next to WinNTSetup_x64.exe
- new right-click on tweaks button to quickly disable all tweaks
- changed wimlib is the default compression engine
- changed Unattend: Win7-11-Select.xml disables 42 days password expire
- changed rearrage folder layout
- MinWin: support inline comments (//)
- MinWin: grant full admin access to files
- MinWin: fixed VCRuntime 2008 installer needs sxsstore.dll and config\TxR
- MinWin: fixed diskpart shrink needs defragproxy.dll
- RegImport: added support for [?HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\...] (only processed if key exists)
- workaround windows 7 Dism /add-driver bug 30 (AMD, NVIDIA drivers with LZSS compression)
- workaround EFI NTFS driver bug

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while feeling almost unable to wait to try the final version, I would like to know whether u have made any changes in the miniwin remove folder, the one containing the scripts.

Tx in advance 4 ur reply

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tx 4 ur prompt reply, jfx. Nice job, pretty much nimbler and more viable than the previous version, so much so that ventured to try duplicating an online vhd. No dice, as has always been the case with all versions so far, if I am not mistaken. Is it technically impossible or inconvenient to make it possible, or is it a matter of time before it becomes possible?

btw, esd capturing has worked fine so far (I am also referring to previous versions), but when reapplying it, say, a couple of days later, won't complete, so one has to convert it into a wim file and then everything goes fine. are u planning to improve esd applying in the near future?

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No idea what your are trying to ask with the first question.
As for ESD apply yeah I have seen a few crashes and dead locks while applying a wimlib captured image with wimgapi or dism.
So switch to wimlib (Ctrl + Shift + W) and apply this ESD.

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tx 4 ur answer to the latter question.

the former issue regards trying to capture (whether wim or esd) an online os (c:\) vhd. of course, if u want to capture a vhd as d:\ or e:\ or whatever but c:\, it does work. I am talking of the functions that can be called by clicking the startup-like icon on the top right corner of the winntsetup initial mask.  

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