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Restore from Factory Images - Eeepc 1005P


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I have an Eeepc 1005P that come preinstalled with win 7 starter, which I bought for my studies as it was cheap and surprisingly does everything i need it to, including CAD (I was shocked at that part). Anyway, I have managed to lose my restore DVD, and dont have a spare copy of win 7 that hasn't been activated on any other machine laying around otherwise I would take this option, so I figured that I would see what is on the recovery partition, I was hoping that it would be a ghost image, as it would make it easy for me to do a restore from these.

Anyway this is how far I have gotten with this so far:

I already have a bootable usb key (I just used hirens as I was too lazy to do it myself, and this has alot of useful diagnostic tools on it anyway)

I have managed to unhide the restore partition, and locate the restore images. These are in WIM format.

How do I go about restoring these, and has anyone done this manually without the factory DVD without any issues?

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I've found some help here:

Before to execute the Recovery process save your personnal data and documents!!

System Recovery

Disable Bootstraper in Bios setup before you perform recovery from USB Flash disk, external optical drive, or hidden partition

Using Recovery Partition (F9 Recocery)

About the Recovery Partition

The Recovery Partition is a space reserved on your hard disk drive used to restore the operating system, drivers, and utilities installed on your Eee PC at the Factory.

Ensure to connect your Eee PC to the AC power adapter before using F9 recovery to avoid recovery failure.

Using the Recovery Partition:

1. Press <F9> during bootup (requires a Recovery Partition)

Ensure to press <F9> during bootup (Requieres a recovery partition)

2. Click Recovery in the Recocery System dialog box to start the system recovery.

3. The system starts system recovery automatically and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the recovery process.

Boot Booster

The Boot Booster item in BIOS setup helps shorten your Eee PC bootup time.

However, you MUST disable this BIOS item before you change any

Eee PC components or perform system recovery (from USB flash disk,

external optical drive or hidden partition). Follow the instructions below to

disable Boot Booster:

1. Start the system and press <F2> on bootup to show the POST screen.

Press <F2> again to enter the BIOS setup.

2. Set Boot Booster to [Disabled].

If you fail to see the POST screen or enter the BIOS setup by doing

the instruction above, restart the system and try pressing <F2>

3. Press <F10> to save the configuration and restart Eee PC.

Remember to enable Boot Booster after you complete hardware change or system recovery.

repeatedly on bootup.

Eee PC User Manual Windows 7 Edition Eee PC 1001P/1005P/R101/ R105 Serie

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If for arguments sake I installed something else on it, say linux, or a virus/worm/trojan managed to destroy the bootsector/bootloader then I would think that it would remove the F9 option, as it would replace the bootloader that contains the restore option. I guess the question I am asking, is how do you restore manually the WIM files I.E Is there a tool similar to ghost that I can use to restore these successfully in the event something should go wrong?

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You can find help about bootmgr here:

Unmountable boot volume

factory.wim file in Recovery drive

You can also try to install a restore point!

*Edit 1:

You can ask the manufacturer to send you the Restore DVD for your computer. I've made many times for friends and for me!

*Edit 2: Hiren’s Boot CD is considered warez. This makes the entire disc illegal in most jurisdictions.


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FWIW, I have a neighbor's "Acer Aspire One" Netbook/Notebook sitting here (XP Home SP3). Amazingly, it has a PE2.x (?) WIM restore set in the Recover Partition.

Basic Info -

F2 for BIOS

ALT+F10 for Recovery (label="PQSERVICE") with BIOS=D2D Recovery Enabled

Hidden Partition Type=12 (originally)

Changed to Type =07 (NTFS) to access it (out of sheer curiosity)

Appears to have x86+x86 WIM in WINRE folder and SWM in FACTORY folder (for dual-recover "depending on")

It appears that the Recovery Key Sequence simply "boots" to the Recovery Partition (via BIOS and NOT the MBR in this case? unsure BUT MBR doesn't seem to have anything out-of-the-ordinary - looks like Vista&up MBR/PBR...). Possibly just changing the "Active Partition" flag would allow for the BOOTMGR (in your recovery partition) to "take over"?

I might suggest you change the Partition Type back before you proceed (in case Recover gets "silly"). BTW PTEDIT (partition table editor) can be obtained from Symantec "for free" (google "Starman" + "PTEDIT" and/or "PTEDIT32") as opposed to using Hixxn and just go for UBCD/BartBE/WinPE/LiveXP instead (now you're legal :) )

edit - Ummm, forgot to mention - BACKUPS FIRST (somehow) of your DATA. Recovery usually involves a "wipe" of the "normal" partition for recovery purposes.

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Thanks for your help submix8c and myselfidem. Turns out after a second look, that it looks much the same as you described submix8c, the BIOS must be able set the restore partition as active and boot PE from that (My initial thought was that this was handled by the bootloader on the primary partition instead), so providing I dont do anything to trash the restore partition, all should be good.

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