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File copying / moving


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I don't like Windows Vista nor 7 much, but there is one thing I do like in them and it is file copying / moving, or should I say it does not cancel upon error, but does all it needs and then asks what to do with the problem files later.

For Win2K/XP people can use TeraCopy, which does nice things aswell.

I was wondering if there is anything such for Win9x ?

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Never heard of TeraCopy so I went looking to see if it will work with Win 98SE. Just discovered that a new version came out today at Major Geeks, TeraCopy 2.2 Beta:

Date: 2010-09-10

Size: 1.65 MB

License: Freeware

Requires: Win XP/2003/Vista/Windows7


It no longer list Win 9x in the requirements. However, TeraCopy v2.12 is still available at CNET:

Operating system: Windows 98/XP/Vista

Date added: January 18, 2010


Just never know how long version 2.12 links will be available with a newer version just out.

*** Just want to add, they list Win 98 working with v2.12. I have not tried the download yet, so I can't be 100% sure that is correct.

*** I tried v2.12 with Win 98SE and it doesn't work for me, there are errors. Looks like the OS information is incorrect ... must be XP and Vista only.

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Old versions of TeraCopy never worked on my 98SE install, nor did any of them say it supported 9x in the first place.

FastCopy is nice, but I was more thinking on something that literally replaces windows' file operation stuff like TeraCopy does. I'm going to give a go on the alternatives listed in the link couple of posts ago.

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Thanks for the info on older versions of TeraCopy never working with Windows 98SE. I was going to hunt around for some older versions, won't bother to do so now.

Haven't tried FirstCopy yet, downloaded it to test.

I am already using 2xExplorer which I just found out from reading an older thread of MSFN from 2007 might actually do what TeraCopy and the others do.

"Speed up file copying with TeraCopy"

On page 2 (Post 21) deXter wrote:

I use xplorer² as my system default file manager, and its file copying functions are *much* faster than windows's. It may not be as full featured as some of the dedicated file copying programs here, but you do have pause/resume, error recovery, queuing, priority, replacement, archiving and logging options.

On PCs that don't have xplorer², I use XCOPY. Even on my own PC, whenever I'm working in the console, I just use XCOPY to transfer files/folders. It supports pause/resume, error recovery, archiving, some unique tree management (can replicate an entire folder structure without copying the files!) and advanced NTFS-related options. Definitely better than windows' copy, and hence worth a mention in this thread.


If I remember, 2xExplorer is the earlier version of xplorer2. I didn't care for the newer version, xplorer2 but I did like 2xExplorer and it works with Windows 98SE. I haven't used it as much as I should, I tried a small transfer between the two panes yesterday and it did seem to be super fast. I may just get in the habit of using this more. But I will check some others out.

TmEE ... if you find something that you like, please post the information. I'm interested in what you decide on and any info from anybody else also.

There are also some other software names mentioned in that 2007 thread.

*** I posted last January (2010) about 2xExplorer and xplorer2.

"Win 98SE: 2xExplorer (Older Version) - xplorer2 (Newer Version)"

The link to 2xExplorer still works and xplorer2 should be in the "Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE"


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... just curious what version you are using or talking about. The version at the top of that page no longer supports Win 98SE.


SuperCopier 2.2 Beta

Sun, 08/16/2009


* Complete rewrite of the copy interception system, adds support for Windows Vista, Seven and all 64 bit Windows. For now, compatibility with Windows 95, 98 and Millenium has been dropped and 'handled processes' is deactivated.


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KillCopy did not seem to do anything here......

From his site:

Program for copy files ... it can speed up copy of large files by 2-3 times.

User-frendly skin based interface.

Build-in explorer shell make is very simple in use.

So, for me, it does the same job, with:

- low ressources-user

- lot of options/settings

- customizable

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supem ... thanks for the v2.82 info and download. There was no info on the other post about what version of KillCopy they were talking about so I downloaded what the link took me to (v2.85) ... found out it didn't work. It said I needed ver 2.82 for Win 98SE. I wasn't able to find v2.82 anywhere when I hunted for it on Google. Thanks again.

... just finished installing KillCopy and trying it out. Very nice program ... it'll work for me. Pretty darn fast but I didn't have any really large files to play around with. I also like the fact that it doesn't seem to use any resources when it is idle ... when I check Memload, nothing shows so it must only use resources when it is actually running and nothing when it is just waiting around for something to do ... thanks again.

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My bad! :blushing: I didn't saw the current number version is different of mine.

The official download link is here: http://www.killprog.com/KCinst_2_82.exe

There is a russian changelog at bottom of the 'KCReadMe.txt' file, but it can be translated using http://www.google.com/translate_t.

A french translation patch is available here: http://denb10.free.fr/killcopy.html

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