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WPI 8.1.0 Feature Request


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Congratulations on the v8.1.0 release! :D

I would like to make a request to add an option to ignore certain exit codes.

In my scenario, when WPI silently installed Visual Studio 2008 (on Windows 7 x64), the Visual Studio 2008 setup will automatically close mshta.exe (but continue installing) and so WPI will log a return exit code of 259 but indicates it as a failure which is misleading.

From MSDN: "... an application should not use STILL_ACTIVE (259) as an error code."

Also, just fyi, in my scenario, after visual studio 2008 has finished installing the process I use to install vs2008 will go ahead and relaunch wpi to continue running the remaining commands if it detects that mshta.exe is not already running.

Thank you! :)

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It looks like things have been quiet for a few months here in the WPI forums. Is development still going on or am I looking in the wrong place?

I would like to see an easier to use config editor. Can it be made to remember you ordered it by number order next time you go in to it or which ever field you ordered it by. The highlighting with the mouse and cursor in the editor is poor. You have to drag the mouse with left button down to the extreme right or left then drag it back to highlight the bit you need to delete or edit. Even then it is very inaccurate because it seems to snap in the wrong place. It could do without that. I would also like to see better contrast in the editor between highlighted items and non-highlighted.

Is there a way to open a text file and leave the text file open whilst the WPI gets on with installing the next items?

I find now if I quit a batch file in the WPI it now says it has failed, it didn't in v7. I used to use this feature for displaying text files, then I would quit the command window.

I know you can't predict what idiots like me will do with your program, but I'm sure there are more ingenious idiots than I.

I'm not quite sure whats going on with the 64 32 bit installers. I thought I'd got hold of how it worked once, but the birds have flown away.

I use Windows 7 x64. I thought that if it was a 32 bit installer it should stick the program in "Program Files (x86)" when it encounters %PROGRAMFILES% and if it's a 64 bit installer "Program Files" when it encounters %PROGRAMFILES% . I think this supports it. msdn library link

I'm not a programmer, I was just trying to work with the limitations and features of the WPI. In fact, I think the WPI is an excellent program and have been using it for many years and many more to come I hope. Hopefully with a few more improvements.



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WPI is ALWAYS in development. 8.2.0 is going to be another large release with several new features. I don't post them, they are usually requests or bug reports in other messages.

Remember sort order: yes. Will be added.

Highlighting: issue with HTA not WPI. Long time known bug/annoyance.

Text file: Use "Run in Bg" from Other menu in Commands tab.

{RUNBG} MyProgram.exe

{RUNBG} notepad.exe text.txt

WPI can't control where an installer is putting the files. Poor packaging by the author of the program.

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WPI is ALWAYS in development. 8.2.0 is going to be another large release with several new features.

Thank you for you quick response and help. I'm looking forward to 8.2.0.

I'd never noticed the "Run in Bg" command before. I think it's about time I went back and RTFM.



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Hi Mark,

New to the Installer window is a combobox under the Pause/Abort buttons

to specify what to do when WPI is finished installing your programs.

There are 3 options: "none", Restart, and Shut Down.

Could you please add an option to disable this combobox in the installer ? I dont want people to change the default behaviour during installaton !

Thanks !

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I've just tried to make my wpi. It would be very useful if in "tooltips" section had the option to show executable's file version, or the best is the details tab of files properties. Maybe thats difficult I know but it could get easy when somebody updates the wpi frequently with app's latest version because he don't have to write the version of every single app.

That's one common inconvinience in making unattended installations I think.

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.... Seems to be difficult... then...

Does this vbs script below help to add this future on your next wpi?

Option Explicit
Dim fso, fc, f, fs
Dim strPath, strFile

'On Error Resume Next

strPath = "E:\Users\Stefanos\Desktop\versions.txt"

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

Set strFile = fso.CreateTextFile(strPath, True)

strFile.WriteLine("FileName,Last Modified,File Version")

Set f = fso.GetFolder("E:\Users\Stefanos\Desktop")
Set fc = f.Files
For Each fs In fc
If fso.GetExtensionName(fs) = "exe" then
strFile.WriteLine(fs.Name & "," & fs.DateLastModified & "," & fso.GetFileVersion(fs))
End if

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I miss multiple functions that had version 7.7

1.- Partial selection of commands


2.- Possibility to resize window in config


3.- Possibility to quickly shift from the scroll bar


4.- I think this is a bug. If I set dependencies....



the funtion cheked unckeked categories does not work


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OK Lemme handle this one:

#1 Doing so exposes a bug and causes problems in hta files....

#2 Why? Just set WPI to a higher res when configuring.

#3 Not quite sure what you mean here. How would this be achieved?

#4 This is a feature of WPI and unlikely to be changed as it CANNOT select ALL due to the fact that not ALL can be selected.

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