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  1. I haven't used your application for years, today I've tried to update it because every time I reinstall windows on my computers, your app makes the procedure fan (and fun is also updating the apps in it for me) Its so sad to see that this project is abandoned you and this didn't get what it deserves, at least I hope that you moved on and did something else more creative and more fun for you. Sorry for my English I'm from greece
  2. I need network support for my family's computers so I don't have to copy the whole stuff 600mb+ with small files that takes time to copy as you know. (edit)If also a friend brings his laptop(s) to my house I will be able to reinstall withought to waiting to eject flash drive or copying procedure. I was meaning that network administrators will be happy but a proper wpi will also release our hands too in a home network. If you disable it I'm with you I agree It's a powerful tool, too hard to support. I've already read about the licencing and if could I would suggest more ideas for protecting it. I have a very good friend who is a android app developer and I know how it is going... Well no I do not have business or being an employee somewhere. I wish I was because even me can do better work sometimes. As you may noticed in my last posts I can hardly write a cmd command... I'm making unattended for fun mostly. When reformatting a friends pc I have to be in his home for 4 hours and I have to remember all and do all because they don't know even the basics and most times there are many lose ends. About vlc I didn't have a clue what to install in my amd64 3500+ 1gb ram. I had my xp for years now. I've installed a 30 days trial x64 system but ram was not enough. And now each or half year I'm installing either my old xp pro or 7 home premium x86 an I was thinking to try xp x64 but I have no clue where was the last time I found 30days trial xp... I have an old pentium 2 which needed nlited xp to the bone and the light version of winamp when the others two can run winamp new. Also others have one system or another. Most people I met even in a computer store services learn about wpi from me. They don't even know it and I suspect they don't know about unattended installation a thing in my country. (Edit) Until now Ι haven't used wpi for nothing. I've first tried since 8.1.0 version and I've been for a year or more trying to make it work. I was trying to use it along with command: "for %%a in (*.exe) do "%%a"" to update easily. Without this it was just the same for me to add in sfx each program and run from runonce with "for %%a in (*.exe) do "%%a"" to install some dropped in the same folder sfx. I have learn before one or two weeks how to make it work with this command. (Edit)Also I belong to doctors family. They would never leave me as a kid to follow anything else. I did not make it but I'm just working in paramedics Sector. (Edit)I shared more information than I had to. I hope you respect it.... When I use this application and do what I like generally: "helping people" Then I'll support you and this project with the only way I can....
  3. Oh that's true then... Ok I had something in mind that would be convenient but I should find another way. Thanks again..
  4. If I run a command like this and wpi is not at the root of the drive it fails. Is it the way that just wpi works or I've done something wrong? (I'm asking this because in every suggested path in help files I've read, wpi folder is at the root of a drive)
  5. I don't earn profit from using wpi or a business to use it as a tool, if I use wpi to repair my family's pc and laptop and 2-3 friends of mine once in one or two years is it considered as business use?
  6. It seems that I've already did in my last test. Thank you.
  7. Oh the second is {x86}, I've typed it wrong there. The {x64} skips and the {x86}&&{BATCH} fails. It is Ok now I removed the {BATCH} command. I thought that I must type {BATCH} to run a ".bat" Thanks again.
  8. Use "&&" to separate them getBits()==32&&getOSver()=="Win7" According to this I've tried something else but the batch will not run... Can you help me? {x64}&&{BATCH} "%wpipath%\Install\sys\TU\Installx64.bat" {x64}&&{BATCH} "%wpipath%\Install\sys\TU\Installx32.bat" In x86 system it normally skips x64 command but the the x86 fails.... Does logical operators "&&" work in commands tab or only in condition tab?
  9. No but people think different I know english I have a degree but never truly used them. I cannot understand always, like I do with my mother language but that's my problem.. I know. I've read your info that's why I can use wpi about 2 years now for XP. I need some help that's all because I have to use it for win 7 and xp also now. Wpi is ok as it is no complaints... I've checked that fixed network related components or something is fixed. I'm using a network between xp and 7 and I've been in running generally in troubles not only with wpi... I'd just like to know if there is known bugs in wpi that I cannot handle and have to wait. If you fixed this many network administrators may be happy. A proper wpi always releases our hands. Tested and I have no errors!Launch WPI 8.1.0 and select: About WPI and click on Check for update and download the new WPI 8.6.3. The first think I noticed was that I have to move the script files to other directory that's what I found first and did in a new version's thread ... I thought until now that normal update won't work from 8.1.0. Note also that I had some commands in the older version that are not working with the newer...
  10. Ok they are in chapter 7 but even now I cannot understand how could I use them or where. I know some english but to get the reasoning I need examples in some cases. I'm ok with && but none of the above I Know how to use. I'm not asking right now for examples... Just mentioning...
  11. Yes but I got error when I was try to update. I could not even get update info instead I get an error screen about the script not responding. After a computer restart It was ok that's why I asked. First I think was to check if it really an update or something else because your site was not updated, only this post. Updating from 8.1.0 failed. At first I run the batch and then tried manually with instructions from the read-me I think. I always got a script not responding error and a blank wpi. I had to enter commands from the beginning to the newer version... I thought that again I'm missing something I thought also that was the forum for... to ask questions to get straight something... I always get that type of answer from you. We are not in your head because maybe we are not your team. If you don't like to answer there are other member that can answer. I'M NOT DEMANDING anything from you. Also some people are trying to learn as you did, I suppose, before you built wpi. For me and for most people is more boring to write than searching or reading. We are not doing anything on purpose. Maybe we entered wrong search criteria...
  12. What is this? Beta? I can only download 8.6.2 on the site... How do I update from 8.6.2? Just copying over this time? Also network paths will ever be supported?
  13. I'm trying also to add multiple conditions. For example: getBits()==32, getOSver()=="Win7" How these can be separated? Like above will really work?
  14. It keeps failing for me maybe something is wrong with my wpi now. I'll try to make a new one and run the batch. Edit: In the latest (8.6.2) It seems ok, I get success message. Edit: At first I had some path mistakes and It didn't work but now it is ok. Thanks myselfidem. I 've read many times about commands but when I combine them I get confused. This is awesome for me, now wpi will be my right had. I help many friends with windows installation because services there are no good and expensive. And there is great effort made to the latest wpi.... thank you.
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