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NetBook (Intel Atom) or Ultraportable (Core i3)?


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i wonder if you will prefer NetBook (Intel Atom) or a Ultraportable (Core i3). or how will u choose?

considering screen size both has abt 10" screens. little difference. those smaller than 10" may make it hard to even surf the net. may require horizontal scrolling

Battery Life. i hope netbooks shld have a relatively significant edge? atom runs on 2 - 3W right? vs i3 i think abt 10?

performance? important! i will not try to play games, but i wonder if netbooks are too sluggish? say i just surf net (which also seems to take quite abit of memory/cpu at times, + if i open many tabs) and use say Office Word/Excel (whats performance like if i have a big document, or maybe excel will need more performance)?

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