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Nero Multimedia Suite 10 silent install?


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Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me with Nero Multimedia Suite 10

I have tried to install unattended but not succeed. Now I need help, someone who knows how to make an unattended install?

Not with autoit.

Thanks in advance

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Hi, Just looking into this one myself, And so far when it does the extracting bit i look in the temp folder and all the different programs in there own folder, ive copy some of the folder to the desktop, looking inside and there all .MSI so im guna try installing the ones i want with /qn.

Still testing but ill let you know how i get on.

Cheers James


Yeah so far so good, After uninstalling Nero 10, deleting all the left over files and registry entrys and doing a full system clean up, I installed the .MSI files from the temp folder that i put on me desktop, These ones




And the main Nero burning program is working fine, Very early days yet but its i start! Guna make a quick silent install and test on a fresh Win7 install.

Cheers James

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do you want to install the whole suite or just some components.

well anyway i download the trial and make some experiments.

to install the nero whitout modified anything try this:

Nero-MS-10.0.13100.exe /s /v"/qn"

works but will stop to ask for ask bar install i dont know if the retail version come with ask bar request.

How to make unattended installer of nero.

1- installer.

2.-modified installer.

********************************************************** 1.-Part

Program to use.

7Zip. www.7zip.org

7zSD module. http://7zsfx.info/en/

1.1 Launch the original setup until it end the extract and launch de setup then cancel the setup.

Goto start and run the command %temp%

In the temp folder search for NERO20100326135034074 folder, name may change i dont know but look for a nero folder.

Copy the folder a location you know as C:\MyNeroInstaller.

Nero Folder

1.2 open the nero folder and look for setup.ini and open in notepad or other editor.

in setup.ini look for [iSSetupPrerequisites] at the end of file delete the next lines or put a ; at the begining.

PreReq15= LightScribe System Software.prq
PreReq16= Ask Toolbar.prq
PreReq17= Reboot Validator.prq

1.3 you will find problem with VC Redist and vs_piaredist files sometimes these didnt installed so you can delete the lines or make an unattended package of these files to replace the original, these files are just for x86 system if you have x64 just delete all the prerequistes but PreReq2= MSI 4.5 for Windows6.0 (x64).prq and rename the line PreReq0= MSI 4.5 for Windows6.0 (x64).prq

at the end at the post i'll tell how to replace these files if you have a x86 based system.

You can delete all prerequisites and install'em after install nero, some requistes as VC Redist are needed to start nero in x86 system otherwise you will see a crash.

Save the setup.ini


1.4 open the notepad and put the following command in it.

@Echo off
Setup.exe /s /v"/qn"

this command launch setup.exe silent and pass the command to the msi to start the installation in quiet mode without gui.

Save as run.cmd and put it in the nero folder.

1.5 select all the files inside nero:

applications folder
ISSetupPrerequisites folder
all ini files
all mst files
run.cmd file

and make a compression with 7zip and save it like NERO20100326135034074.7z


1.6 now put the compression file in other folder to make the thing more clear in the folder along with NERO20100326135034074.7z put the 7zSD module, open the notepad and put this.


save as config.txt and put it in the folder along NERO20100326135034074.7z and 7zSD module.

open again notepad and put this.

copy /b 7zSD.sfx + config.txt + NERO20100326135034074.7z NERO_MS_10.exe

save as command.cmd and put it along NERO20100326135034074.7z, 7zSD module and config.txt

you will have:



now double click over command.cmd and this will make NERO_MS_10.exe installer and that's it.

********************************************************** 2.-Part

program to use

orca or superorca msi editor. http://www.technipages.com/download-orca-msi-editor.html


7zip module.

now with orca we're gonna delete some features from nero ms 10 in the nero folder open with orca nero.multimediasuite.msi

2.1 select the component table, in the right will find all the components of nero, in the condition row fill with a 0 (zero) all the features you dont want, this will disable the feature.

Dont disable controlcenter, corecomponents, burnrights, installreg, burningrom, regnerolanguage and dummy these are needed for nero.


2.2 select the feature table, in the right panel you will find all the features, in the level row fill with 0 (zero) all the features you disabled in components table.

dont disable main, hiddenfeatures, common these are needed for nero.


2.3 Select featurescomponents table, in the right panel you'll find all the features, select all the features you disable in feature table and drop the rows.

dont drops common, controlcenter and corecomponents rows.


3.3 select ischainpackage table, in the right panel you'll find the features install source dir, select all the feature you disable in components and drops the rows.


4.4 select iscomponentextended table, in the right panel youll find the features, select all the features you disable previously and drops the rows.

Dont drops regnerolanguage and dummy are part of nero main installer.


5.5 Now you can delete all the folders inside the aplications folder you disable with orca example if you disable backitup and backituphelpchm feature delete these folder 'cause they are not part of nero now.

aplications folder

Go to part 1 to make a silent package.

****************************************** 3 part

To replace some files of Prerequisites go to ISSetupPrerequisites folder look for:

{2AE04573-CA1C-46BC-8430-E226B823BB8C} > vs_piaredist.exe

{B56633A3-7ADC-4CE5-A320-ACA0B65DA04B} > vcredist_x86.exe

{C597C3FC-2110-451E-832E-9352964E56F9} > vcredist_x86.exe

{D37C1D8F-C930-4005-BCD8-3715028461C0} > vcredist_x86.exe

for some reason sometines install theirselves but for some reason they didnt these are the only with i had problem.

open with 7zip vs_piaredist.exe and extract it to vs_piaredist

open notepad and put this code:

@Echo off
vs_2005_pia.msi /qn /norestart

save as run.cmd and put it inside vs_piaredist folder.

compress all the files inside vs_piaredist with 7z you will have vs_piaredist.7z now go to the part 1.6 of the first part.

now rename the installer .exe to vs_piaredist.exe copy, paste and replace over the old one.

with this when nero try to install the file will install without error.

open with 7zip vcredist_x86.exe and extract it to vcredist_x86

open notepad and put this code:

@Echo off
vcredist.msi /qn /norestart

save as run.cmd and put it inside vcredist_x86 folder.

compress all the files inside vcredist_x86 with 7z you will have vcredist_x86.7z now go to the part 1.6 of the first part.

now rename the installer .exe to vcredist_x86.exe copy, paste and replace over the old one.

open with 7zip vcredist_x86.exe and extract it to vcredist_x86 do the same as above.

open notepad and put this code:

@Echo off
vc_red.msi /qn /norestart

do the same with the rest

with {C597C3FC-2110-451E-832E-9352964E56F9} > vcredist_x86.exe you will have to extract the contend of the inside compression.

I try to install silent the whole suite without modified anything but always the installer found error installing Prerequisites so i wrote above you can delete all the Prerequisites in the setup.ini and install them after nero suite.

these files are needed for nero x86 system for some reason if you have installed another vcredist nero even crash seem to just work with these vcredist files.:





all the 3 vcredist.

i made this all by myself so i dont know if it right or wrong really, so feedback for others would be nice.

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Sorry for the thread revival but I have just bought Nero Burning Rom 10.5 and have solved this issue for those that may still be looking for a clean solution.

Change Windows Explorer options so that file extensions are not hidden.

Download Only:

office 2010 Primary Interop Assemblies redist - (google or yahoo it)

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) - (google or yahoo it)

Latest version of Nero that you paid for.

Download and install:

Inno Setup + ISPack - http://www.jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php

ISTool - http://sourceforge.net/projects/istool/

7-Zip (optional if you don't have a 3rd party compression tool installed) - http://www.7-zip.org/

InstEd or ORCA from Microsoft Windows Installer SDK - http://www.instedit.com/


01) Close all running apps and go into your "Temp" folder and delete all files and folders, ignoring locked files.

02) Make a folder called "Nero10" in the root of [C:\]. Make another folder in here called "Files".

03) Run Nero installer. When extraction is finished go into your "Temp" folder -> NeroInstallFiles -> NERO201010xxxxxxxxxxx (or just "Temp"\NERO201010xxxxxxxxxxx for Nero 10 Media Suite).

04) Copy the "autorun.ico" file and paste it into C:\Nero10. Rename it to "setup.ico".

05) Copy the entire contents of the "Applications" folder to "C:\Nero10\Files".

06) Cancel the Nero 10 Installation.

07) Go into each component's folder in "C:\Nero10\Files" and delete all *.mst files.

08) Run the Visual C++ redist x86 package. Files are extracted to a random generated folder in [C:\]. Explore this folder.

09) Copy the "vc_red.cab" and "vc_red.msi" to "C:\Nero10\Files".

10) Cancel the VC redist installer.

11) Right click the office 2010 PIA redist installer and open archive with 7-Zip.

12) Drag and drop the .msi file into "C:\Nero10\Files".

13) Right click in "C:\Nero10" folder and make a new text file with any name.

14) Copy the following text into your blank text file. Change the version numbers / title if needed and save:

#define MyAppName "Nero Burning Rom"

#define MyAppVerName "Nero 10.5.10300"

#define MyAppPublisher "Nero AG"

#define MyAppURL "http://www.nero.com"

#define MyAppExeName "setup.exe"






















VersionInfoCompany=Nero AG





Name: english; MessagesFile: compiler:Default.isl


Source: files\*; DestDir: {tmp}\Nero10; Flags: ignoreversion recursesubdirs createallsubdirs deleteafterinstall


Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\o2010pia.msi /quiet /norestart

Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\vc_red.msi /quiet /norestart

Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\burningrom\Nero.BurningROM.msi /quiet /norestart

Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\burningromhelpchm\Nero.BurningROMHelpChm.msi /quiet /norestart

Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\burnrights\Nero.BurnRights.msi /quiet /norestart

Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\burnrightshelpchm\Nero.BurnRightsHelpChm.msi /quiet /norestart

Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\controlcenter\Nero.ControlCenter.msi /quiet /norestart

Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\controlcenterhelpchm\Nero.ControlCenterHelpChm.msi /quiet /norestart

Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\corecomponents\Nero.CoreComponents.msi /quiet /norestart

Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\update\Nero.Update.msi /quiet /norestart

15) Under the "[Run]" section you may need to add more components depending on which product you bought or want installed.

16) Rename the text file to "setup.iss" (this is why you need to enable show file extensions).

17) With InstEd or ORCA go into each component folder and edit each Nero *.msi accordingly:

For all Nero *.msi files edit these:

in "Property" -> "AgreeToLicense" change the value to "Yes".

in "Property" -> "NERO.INSTALL_AUTOPLAY" change the value to "0".

in "Property" -> "NERO.INSTALL_DESKTOPSHORTCUT" change the value to "0".

in "Property" -> "NERO.LANGUAGES_INSTALL" remove all languages except for the one you want to install.

in "Property" -> "RebootYesNo" change the value to "No".

Additionally edit Nero.BurningROM.msi:

in "Registry" -> "Registry1.E2B72F80_49AE_4DFA_83C9_C06496DA6775".

Change "Key" data from: "SOFTWARE\Nero\Nero 10\Shared" to "SOFTWARE\Nero\Shared\NL10".

Change "Name" data from: "<null>" to "Serial10_1296297703".

Change "Value" data from: "<null>" to "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx" (your key provided by Nero).

in "Property" -> "NERO.SENDUSAGESTATISTICS.E2B72F80_49AE_4DFA_83C9_C06496DA6775" change the value from "?" to "No".

Additionally edit Nero.CoreComponents.msi:

in "Property" -> "NERO.IS_KEY_VALID" change the value to "Yes".

in "Property" -> "NERO.userAcknowledgedEula" change the value to "Yes".

18) Right click "setup.iss" file and open in ISTool. Press the "Compile Setup" button in the toolbar.

19) Compiled setup is created in "C:\Nero10\Output" folder. For silent installations use "/verysilent" switch.

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It works nicely. The problem that everyone is facing with the unattended switches on the main MSI installer file is with the serial number. If you edit the main installer and force the serial number in the "Property" -> "SERIALNUMBER" entry the installer will run through in full GUI mode perfectly. As soon as you use the silent switch on the MSI the wheels fall off (as stated in another MSFN Nero 10 thread a custom DLL is indeed unpacked and loaded into memory which seems to strip the serial info when silently installed). You can check this by adding the "log errors" option "/le c:\nero.txt". Check the text file and it says the install failed due to no serial being present, even though we have forced it.

A ll the main MSI does is check the serial number, then execute each Nero app installer in sequence. My solution is to bypass the main MSI installer eliminating the main problem, and then by hijacking a dummy registry entry in the Nero Burning MSI installer so that our serial is written to the registry so that "advrcntr5.dll" is satisfied Nero 10 has been installed properly. You can use this method to add more serials into the registry for plugins etc. As long as the "Registry" -> [name] you add is unique and you put that row into the same "Group" it will be executed.

It may be possible to also hunt down and remove the install sequence that loads the custom DLL, but with previous experiences with other programs this will most likely make the installer crash.

Another option is to author your own simplified main MSI installer and replace the Nero one. I think this is too much work compared to compiling a simple Inno Setup script and repacking the individual Nero installers.

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Nice tutorial. Thanks.

But I have Nero 11. And this is not working with nero 11.

I followed your tut and I'm installing in the following order

Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\corecomponents\Nero.CoreComponents.msi /quiet /norestart

Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\controlcenter\Nero.ControlCenter.msi /quiet /norestart

Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\burningrom\Nero.BurningROM.msi /quiet /norestart

Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\Express\Nero.Express.msi /quiet /norestart

Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\coverdesigner\Nero.coverdesigner.msi /quiet /norestart

and after installing I can click click and click, but nothing happens. When executing Control Center I get a message that the installation is corrupted.

Anyone got any ideas.

My goal is to make an Nero Micro installation.

thx in advance

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@ Benjiau

It works very well! I did have to add LightScribe MSI from the ISSetupPrerequisites folder before Nero would run. The only problem I'm having is I can't figure out how to make Nero BurnRights to install with everybody having burn rights. Has anyone figured that out yet?


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