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  1. It works nicely. The problem that everyone is facing with the unattended switches on the main MSI installer file is with the serial number. If you edit the main installer and force the serial number in the "Property" -> "SERIALNUMBER" entry the installer will run through in full GUI mode perfectly. As soon as you use the silent switch on the MSI the wheels fall off (as stated in another MSFN Nero 10 thread a custom DLL is indeed unpacked and loaded into memory which seems to strip the serial info when silently installed). You can check this by adding the "log errors" option "/le c:\nero.txt". Check the text file and it says the install failed due to no serial being present, even though we have forced it. A ll the main MSI does is check the serial number, then execute each Nero app installer in sequence. My solution is to bypass the main MSI installer eliminating the main problem, and then by hijacking a dummy registry entry in the Nero Burning MSI installer so that our serial is written to the registry so that "advrcntr5.dll" is satisfied Nero 10 has been installed properly. You can use this method to add more serials into the registry for plugins etc. As long as the "Registry" -> [name] you add is unique and you put that row into the same "Group" it will be executed. It may be possible to also hunt down and remove the install sequence that loads the custom DLL, but with previous experiences with other programs this will most likely make the installer crash. Another option is to author your own simplified main MSI installer and replace the Nero one. I think this is too much work compared to compiling a simple Inno Setup script and repacking the individual Nero installers.
  2. Sorry for the thread revival but I have just bought Nero Burning Rom 10.5 and have solved this issue for those that may still be looking for a clean solution. Change Windows Explorer options so that file extensions are not hidden. Download Only: office 2010 Primary Interop Assemblies redist - (google or yahoo it) Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) - (google or yahoo it) Latest version of Nero that you paid for. Download and install: Inno Setup + ISPack - http://www.jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php ISTool - http://sourceforge.net/projects/istool/ 7-Zip (optional if you don't have a 3rd party compression tool installed) - http://www.7-zip.org/ InstEd or ORCA from Microsoft Windows Installer SDK - http://www.instedit.com/ Method: 01) Close all running apps and go into your "Temp" folder and delete all files and folders, ignoring locked files. 02) Make a folder called "Nero10" in the root of [C:\]. Make another folder in here called "Files". 03) Run Nero installer. When extraction is finished go into your "Temp" folder -> NeroInstallFiles -> NERO201010xxxxxxxxxxx (or just "Temp"\NERO201010xxxxxxxxxxx for Nero 10 Media Suite). 04) Copy the "autorun.ico" file and paste it into C:\Nero10. Rename it to "setup.ico". 05) Copy the entire contents of the "Applications" folder to "C:\Nero10\Files". 06) Cancel the Nero 10 Installation. 07) Go into each component's folder in "C:\Nero10\Files" and delete all *.mst files. 08) Run the Visual C++ redist x86 package. Files are extracted to a random generated folder in [C:\]. Explore this folder. 09) Copy the "vc_red.cab" and "vc_red.msi" to "C:\Nero10\Files". 10) Cancel the VC redist installer. 11) Right click the office 2010 PIA redist installer and open archive with 7-Zip. 12) Drag and drop the .msi file into "C:\Nero10\Files". 13) Right click in "C:\Nero10" folder and make a new text file with any name. 14) Copy the following text into your blank text file. Change the version numbers / title if needed and save: 15) Under the "[Run]" section you may need to add more components depending on which product you bought or want installed. 16) Rename the text file to "setup.iss" (this is why you need to enable show file extensions). 17) With InstEd or ORCA go into each component folder and edit each Nero *.msi accordingly: 18) Right click "setup.iss" file and open in ISTool. Press the "Compile Setup" button in the toolbar. 19) Compiled setup is created in "C:\Nero10\Output" folder. For silent installations use "/verysilent" switch.