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  1. Great i recently used it but i have a question i checked pause before unmount to run some commands and disable some feauture like games after run command dism /image:D:\7Customizer\work\mount /Disable-Feature:InboxGames i should use dism /Commit-Wim /MountDir:D:\7Customizer\work\mount or when i unpuse the other cmd it will save the changes.
  2. Somebody know which are the new silent switches if the new version has any 'cause with the last version they were " /s /i /lickey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx /noreboot Pathtosetting\Settings.xml " but with the new one do not seem to work.
  3. How to re-compress it and make it work as before (without the toolbar)? idrive is a different software - not related to nero. Im trying to find a way to avoid its launch you can follow some instructions about nero here: and here:
  4. Well, that is a possibility , but since it is right before an EXIT (which in my view is also not *really*needed ) and right after a SHUTDOWN command , I doubt the specific batch won't "work properly". jaclaz yes but sometimes i'm going adding new code to the script, that 'cause, but whatever, anyone could make thing the way they like it.
  5. May I ask WHY? jaclaz will work anyway but if you have another functions or batch files in the same script could interfere with those functions 'cause setlocal will continues until find endlocal command.
  6. yes you can make a batch file to run the remaining app. Example: BATCH FILE "REMAPP.cmd" the bash file will load the keys into runonceex reg key and install after restart like setupcomplete does. also you dont need this line "FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\sources\install.wim SET CDROM=%%i:" if you're not installing app from CD/DVD Drive.
  7. you didnt put the variable to find cdrom its like in runonceex when you put "SET CDROM=%%i:" use SetLocal enableextensions to local variables.
  8. do you want to run a restart in the middle of app install and then after continue the remaining app install?.
  9. you can use setupcomplete.cmd(setupcomplete.cmd work like runonceex.cmd) as you used in XP with $oem$ folder to app. you can find info about it in the forum.
  10. in fact i do regfile with aimp2 to associate file and with aimp3 i deploy the content but i have issues with playlist it erase from aimp3 after close it so i will wait to a RC or for further beta. Anyway thanks to answer.
  11. Somebody know if Aimp 3 even why its a beta has silent install switches just to know aimp2 used /S.
  12. the software works great never have a problem with it beside ati drivers integration once but i wonder if could there be a visual effects menu for who want to disable those min/max, etc effects 'cause there are some but not all.
  13. Solved How did you do it then? I would like to know. well configure objectdock as you want then go to configure dock -> themes -> save current dock then goto Documents\Stardock\ObjectDock Library\Backed Up Themes then you got to do a silent install of objectdock with /s and copy the backup theme. you can put all your stuff in a sfx .rar or 7zip file you can find about that in the board.
  14. You need to use a special unattended ATI driver pack...check out this page: http://driverpacks.net/ if its a problem of rt lite i prefer to do one myself. thanks anyway.

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