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RT Seven Lite - RC build 1.7.0 and Beta build 2.6.0

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I suppose that only has to do with the files in Sources on your DVD (there's a folder inside Sources for every language you'll be able to during setup), together with the file Sources\lang.ini.

Windows activation will not work without the service component "Software Protection" (sppsvc), and possibly sppuinotify, so you might want to make this red. System Recovery can be removed just fine, same thing with Secondary Logon.

Attached is my minimalistic setup. If you feel like there's anything useful in the System Properties dialogs, I recommend you not to remove it. You know, that one:



I do most of my tweaking via registry settings, but there's some useful stuff going on in there.

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Guillaume, what kind of registry tweaks do you do? Any good ones you care to share? :)

Here ya go. I enable/disable tweaks in this files depending on what I've already removed with RT7Lite, simply by putting a ; in front of the lines. Every tweak is explained, just edit it in your favorite editor-with-syntax-highlighting.

About RT7Lite, when removing the Sidebar, it still leaves a value for it in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run



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It uses dism....but not for mounting, unmounting or removing components. Its used only for getting features list and enabling features. Not for any other thing......Now rt7lite uses wimgapi.dll for mounting, saving image, unmounting, exporting, etc....

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Got a link for the beta? I'm desperate to play around.

Sorry but we beta testers are not allowed to leak builds ahead of time.If you are desperate to get it as one of the first then contact Ben and be a Beta tester testing for bugs and reporting them to Ben.

And i agree that 1.06 is pretty solid for public :yes:

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