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Window 98SE - Virtual PC 5.1.0 Question


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Only one of the 5.1 links is live. The 5.0 link is dead. 2 of the links to 4.32 work and yield the same file.

I used a backup image of my latest 98SE unit (2.4GHZ Pentium 4, 1GB RAM) that hasn't seen VPC. Both the 5.1 and 4.32 installers ran normally. Rebooted. Both trial versions are expired and won't go any farther. I didn't see any error messages or incompatibility warnings. I then repeated the above with 5.1 but installed the latest version of KernelEX first. Nothing changed. I then reloaded the original 98 system with the full version of VPC 5.1 and installed KernelEX on it. VPC seems to be running normally with KernelEX.

I can't verify the instability or compatibility issues others are experiencing with VPC. The copy I have also ran properly on my HP with a 366mhz Celeron processor. It was incredibly slow but was quite stable. I do have one more PC I can try it on but it's not yet assembled. It will be a while before I can get to it. I'm beginning to question if some of the available copies of VPC are altered or compromised in some way that makes them unstable so that people lose interest in trying it. Given the prejudice and at times outright hostility some companies have towards 9X systems, it wouldn't surprise me if that was the case. I'd be interested to see if the installer of my copy is the same as the ones that people are having trouble with.

Mine is 5.1 (build370)

MD5 of the installer:


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Well I remember the only version that was stable for me was 4.32

The problem with all these versions have probably expired.

the copies of Connectix VirtualPC I have are.


CRC32: 791500E7

MD5: 8D694C31C382DC08430F26B54BEEFAA8

SHA-1: E47BCAD14F395AD853F4EEA16B132CEF06F2CA7A


CRC32: 9E958817

MD5: 8C2C74A20F42CCC1D1B9AD8A414B81A2

SHA-1: 1D4AD6FE46245F3A75E5100E08E124AAA3382E09


CRC32: 7D920770

MD5: E91146B8356D29C9E5451F6B26DE15C7

SHA-1: 3768C959E8555F6B625A0F0BBFD71CF0987CB461



MD5: 34277BF65BCAFD1C365E1364D7A665E8

SHA-1: C26BEE0D22FE915ED998CFD8E5F356727267E732

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I just finished assembling a Compaq with an 866mhz Pentium III and 128mb RAM. I've installed 98SE, updated it with NUSB and SESP2.1.The USB hardware on this PC leaves a lot to be desired (1.0 or 1.1?) so I haven't copied my virtual systems over to it. VPC 5.1 did install normally and seems to be running fine, building a new virtual 2K system.

VPC has installed and runs fine on all the hardware I have, except for a Gateway 2000 with a 266mhz Pentium II, which would be quite pointless for anything besides checking compatibility. I find it very hard to believe that there would be this much difference between the trial version and the full version in regards to hardware compatibility or that a company would release a trial version that runs that bad when the full version of the same build works just fine. I'd be more inclined to believe that someone or some company has seeded the web with these altered trial versions so that people will lose interest in the last 9X compatible version.

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Bought a copy of Virtual PC 5.0 (Build 350) on eBay the other day. I have installed it on 98SE, but haven't had much time to play with it yet, so I can't yet report on its functionality.

In reference to the OP and some of the earlier discussion about 98SE compatibility, here is an excerpt from a document I found online (I dunno, this may have come from one of jaclaz's links, don't recall now) :


Read Me for

Connectix Virtual PC 5.2 for Windows

March 2003


This document provides late breaking information about Connectix Virtual PC 5.2 for Windows.






Attention: Virtual PC 5.2 for Windows will only run on Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0 SP6 platforms. Users intending to run Virtual PC on Windows ME or Windows 98SE will need to use Virtual PC 5.1 for Windows.

So if you're trying to use VPC 5, make sure it's 5.0 or 5.1. :thumbup

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Hi people!

Can some1 tell me where can i download Connectix Virtual PC 5.0 Trial ?

I realy need this and i searching like a maniac for this file (VPC_50_Trial.exe) but all links are dead.

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