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WPI 8.0.0


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Just posting a little note that v8.0.0 is coming along very nicely. The amount of new features is HUGE. I still have some things on my To Do List that I want to get done before I release it. It will still be another month or two. But it will be well worth the wait.

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No. I have a group of beta testers that I use.

I will be getting ahold of translators ahead of time because there are 300+ new strings. I would like to have them done before the release.

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I am still making updates on v8.0.0. The latest item I am working on is the conversion of the config.js to JSON. I will probably convert other files to JSON, as well.

My main computer is still down, mobo dead. I want to build a new system, but a short on money. The only way to speed up getting v8.0.0 is if I got some donations. whistling.gif Hint hint.

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nice work

u say wpi 8.0 will relace soon

but still have same problem with 8.0 beta

same programs not install and same other install but not make shortcut

and others install good and make shortcut normal

can u tell me why same programs not install and others install but not make shortcut

im sure silent install is good and i test programs and work and install good

but with wpi just have that problem

waiting u answer

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There is nothing that WPI does that would make a program not create a shortcut or not make it not install. If you feel you have the silent switches correct, then maybe the author has it set up wrong in the installer script to not make a shortcut when doing silent install. It's not what you want to hear, but that is all I can offer you.

Otherwise use the CreateShortcut() command to make your own.

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