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  1. Is this the release candidate or the beta? *Edit Nevermind, I just installed and it shows RC as version.
  2. Does anybody know how to integrate the new Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate? You can find the x64 version here or the x86 version here. I extracted it after download hoping to find a .msu file, but there doesn't appear to be any. Maybe I could use a silent install switch instead - does anybody have an idea what that might be? Any help would be appreciated!
  3. PLEASE ANSWER... I just started using WPI, so I wasn't sure if it was possible to use a variable to read this information. The easier way though would be using an asterisk (e.g. VLC*.exe), then it wouldn't be necessary. Great piece of software though as I can see a lot of time went into this. I as well have been using Ketarin, but the main drawback for me to use it with WPI is that I never know what version exactly I'm updating to. I noticed that there is an option to install directly from Ketarin - you can even setup groups similarly to WPI. I might give that a shot and see if I can do it all from one program.
  4. What you are suggesting is a good idea for installing software on a PC that already has many programs installed. What I need WPI for is after a fresh installation of windows. For me, using the 'getFileVersion' would require more work with each update... not less. That's ok though, I'll just wait and hope for the option to install using the *.exe function.
  5. So I take it by your response that there is no variable for this? If true, then I will have quite a bit more time trying to keep my files up to date while using WPI .
  6. I think I understand what you guys are saying. However, this still leaves me with the same problem. If I were to download the latest version of VLC Media Player as VLC Media Player v1.1.3.5 and just rename it as VLC Media Player, then how will I know when I need to download the latest version again if the version is not attached to the file name? I'm trying to keep all my files up to date with the latest versions before I run WPI.
  7. I update my software often and so I like to have the name of the app with the version appended to the end. For example: VLC Media Player 1.1.0 However, I don't want to have to update this within WPI constantly . Is there a way I can create a variable or something in the command string? Currently under the command tab I have: "%root%\Media\VLC Media Player*.exe" But placing an astrisk behind the name will cause the installer to fail as well. Any suggestions?
  8. sure...I have some more new set of tweaks apart from this. Awesome! While we're on the topic, would it be possible to include all the visual effects in Windows 7? See image below:
  9. not like that....I have some work and busy with my another new software. Just wanted to say thanks and to speak on the behalf of us who really appreciate your incredible contribution to the Windows 7 community. We are truly humbled by your hard work. For the rest of you, before posting comments like 'TheWalrus', why don't you contribute by using the donate button and then maybe he'll actually have some extra time away from his paid job to give to this amazing project...
  10. Just tried out the new 1.5 build. Fantastic work Ben! One thing I noticed (even in previous builds), is that in the Integrations tab when you add applications for the PI Wizard, it saves it to the settings ini, but when loading the ini later, all applications are NOT shown. It's weird because when opening the ini file, it's definitely there. Also, do you think you could add a tab for customizing the Start Menu (see image below)? That would be sweet!
  11. Thanks! Exactly what I'm looking for. Do you know if I need to run PowerPacker or nlite first?
  12. I've been looking through google and this forum for a while and cant find anything. I would like to know how to merge Windows XP Home, Pro, Media Center, Server 2003, etc. Maybe somebody could point me in the right direction...
  13. That key is actually just the generic trial one from MS as I set the unattended file to skip setup and autologon. However I edited it anyway. Thanks for the reply though, I guess I'll just have to limit it to just two for now then .
  14. So is it possible to create a multi-os answer file?
  15. I've just created my first Windows 7 All-in-One iso. While testing in VMware, it shows all 5 versions when there is no Autounattend.xml file. However, as soon as I include the customized Autounattend.xml, it shows only Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) and Windows 7 Ultimate (x86). Can anybody tell me what's wrong with my xml file? I've attached it below. Autounattend.xml

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