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Disk wipe utility?

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Search (google) "Live XP" + Bootland. They have a way of creating a PE from your regular install to create a PE that may also include a utility to do just that! You may have to sign up (same as MSFN)... jaclaz is a regular there too...


edit (wiki-wiki...) -

HDDerase is a freeware that securely erases data on hard drives using the security erase unit command built into the firmware of ATA and SATA drives manufactured after 2001. <snip> It differs from other file deletion programs such as Darik's Boot and Nuke which attempt to erase data using block writes, and therefore cannot access certain portions of the hard drive. The internal firmware secure erase command can access data that is no longer accessible through software, such as bad blocks.
Dunno about the "loading" problem. Is the HDD you're trying it with older?

edit2 (goooogle) -

Maybe drive-locked?

Maybe the version you're using as well? Also, if it's a SATA, you may need the drivers in your WinPE to even see it!

edit3 (uh-oh! from the ReadMe!) -

HDDerase.exe must be run from an actual DOS environment and not a Window based DOS command prompt environment.
So, there ya go! No-fly-zone!!! Edited by submix8c
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Just for the record, you may be unaware of the change in FORMAT command in Vista:



HDerase is a DOS only utility, and is the lowest possible level one (please read as fastest) as it uses internal disk commands.

You can add to your CD or USB stick a DOS floppy image containing HDerase or simply use the UBCD:


UBCD can also booted "as .iso" from grub4dos.

There are tens of apps that will wipe a hard disk under a PE 1.x, though generally they are GUI, here is one:


and here one that also has a command line interface:


More ideas here:



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