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How to get the cause of high CPU usage caused by apps?


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I have no idea. It also doesn't show me more.

Do you have programs instaleld which insert new entries in the left side of the Explorer (ExplorerFrame with the drives, network and others)? Explror is here busy to insert data in a list view. Use ShellExView to disable 3rd party ShellExtensions. Maybe this helps.

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Andre! i need your help!

i found user32.dll peekmessageA

Correct me if I'm wrong, the problem is 32-bit apps in x64 system?

two programs have the same "symptoms", use 25% of cpu randomly. is a intel 2500K in a gigabyte z68a-d3 drivers update!

here you have the route of one of the programs, HDTach


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I can't help you. HDtach.exe causes the high CPU usage but without debug files (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debug_symbol, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Program_database) I can't see the cause. The user32.dll function receives Windows messages:


so the tool seems to use them heavily and runs code while handling messages.

What do you do with the tool?

1 thing I can see is that you have some DPC spikes caused by the USB Gamer mouse driver (MS1Filter.sys).

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HDTach is a HDD benchmark, a little bit old..but good.

I can dispense with it, no problem.

but this is just and necessary, and gives the same problem.


PD: I uninstall the mouse driver.Thanks a lot!

edit: Andre check your inbox

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I may not actually be certain of my issue. For some reason my CPU usage has increased past the norm in the last two days. Any little task I do it seems to raise in 30-40 percent while browsing and near 70 when streaming videos from sites like Youtube. Normally the usage would not get near as high (except for when I'm rendering video). When I did the steps outlined on the first page I immediately jumped the gun and assumed the idle processes were to blame. Unfortunately I am now back at square one.

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Andre this tutorial is very much appreciated.

I sent you a dropboxlink to my rared .etl file via the forum PM system due to privacy/security concerns. Please check your inbox and return with some advice.

My problem: CPU goes to 100% when downloading any file. Copying to/from USB is no prob.

As you can see avp.exe and chrome are both taking a large chunk of cpu. avp is kasperski internet security, but problem appears with eset smart security as well and even with antivirus/firewall completely disabled, and completely uninstalled. ntdll.dll seems to be the culprit in both applications causing high cpu.

Have done all the obvious stuff and more, latest drivers, malware, safe mode with networking, tested with ubuntu.

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the AMD V140 Processor seems to be the bootleneck. It is a cheap Single Core CPU.

Chrome internally has a message loop and this causes fr a example 9/13% cpu usage (chrome.dll!MessageLoop::DeferOrRunPendingTask, 12.37, chrome.dll!base::MessagePumpWin::Run, 9.37)).

Kaskerspy scans the HTTP traffic (HTTPProtocoller.PPL, anti-phishing http filter.dll) while surfing. So try to disable this scanning. Maybe this helps a bit, but the CPU is simply to slow for todays software. You should use at least a Dual Core cpu with 2GHz. Look if it is possible to upgrade the CPU.

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