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  1. [offtopic]Andre check your inbox.[/offtopic]
  2. HDTach is a HDD benchmark, a little bit old..but good. I can dispense with it, no problem. but this is just and necessary, and gives the same problem. Trace PD: I uninstall the mouse driver.Thanks a lot! edit: Andre check your inbox
  3. Andre! i need your help! i found user32.dll peekmessageA Correct me if I'm wrong, the problem is 32-bit apps in x64 system? two programs have the same "symptoms", use 25% of cpu randomly. is a intel 2500K in a gigabyte z68a-d3 drivers update! here you have the route of one of the programs, HDTach r3g4rd5
  4. WPI Help

    not to create another topic, I would add Gizmo manager but: - I do not know what kind of installer is... I tried unsuccessfully with several tools (Cmenu). - How do add this software to WPI? i want add avira basic too, but in the forum support says it's not supported (basic version) i tried with the common switches and as far I've come is until acceptance of the terms (the unpacking works silent but the installation noup) my English sucks, but i try. PD: in forums of Gizmo manager exists a solution.... but i don't understand. posted by Logan Mueller... The latest release features the unattended installations. Simply create one XML file to define the desired behavior, then pass it into setup: gizmo-2515-setup.exe /Automate:"\\SharedFolder\SubFolder\SomeInstall.xml" The XML looks like: Code: <?xml version="1.0" standalone="no" ?> <GizmoDirector> <Install UI="Auto" LaunchGizmo="No"> <Features> <Feature>Gizmo Central</Feature> <Feature>Gizmo Database</Feature> <Feature>Gizmo Drive</Feature> <Feature>Gizmo Editor</Feature> <Feature>Gizmo Hasher</Feature> <Feature>Gizmo Script</Feature> <Feature>Gizmo Synchronization</Feature> </Features> <Shortcuts> <Folder>Gizmo Central</Folder> <Desktop>Yes</Desktop> <Startup>Yes</Startup> <AllUsers>Yes</AllUsers> </Shortcuts> <Settings> <Setting Name="UpdateAuto" Value="0" /> </Settings> </Install> </GizmoDirector> The UI attribute in the <Install> element has three options: Interactive, Auto, and None. Setting this to Interactive will cause the UI to behave like it normally does -- involving interaction from the user, though defaulting to the settings in the XML. Setting this attribute to Auto requires no interaction from the user, but displays a UI containing the progress of the install. Setting this attribute to None shows nothing. Gizmo normally launches itself after the installation is finished, but this behavior can be turned off by setting LaunchGizmo to No. The <Install> element has some optional attributes: Location allows the installation path to be changed, and Log enables logging for the unattended installation. Log could be set to a shared network file/path. Code: [...] <Install UI="Auto" LaunchGizmo="No" Location="%PathProgFiles%\Gizmo" Log="%PathUserMyDoc%\Gizmo\Logs\install.log"> [...] The <Settings> block is used to change registry values under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Arainia\Gizmo\Settings. The example sets UpdateAuto to zero, which turns off the automatic checking in Software Updates, effectively removing the pop-up notification, when new versions are released. (This sort of behavior may/not be desired when specific versions of Gizmo are deployed) This affects only HKEY_CURRENT_USER, of course, so any installations done with different user accounts would need an alternative method for manipulating foreign registry values. S4lu2!.-