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How to get the cause of high CPU usage caused by apps?


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Hello Andre.

Nice tutorial. It helped me greatly to find the source of high CPU usage.

But even though I know what is causing the problem, I don't know how to fix the problem: halmacpi.dll

This halmacpi.dll is using 50% or more of my cpu for 2-3 seconds in every 25-30 seconds interval. This causes a noticeable lag or unresponsiveness in my computer whenever I am doing anything that is CPU intensive. halmacpi.dll is also a part of a window system process so I can't exactly remove or shut it off either. And searching around the internet didn't help me much for finding a solution.

I've attached the screenshots of table summary.

A link to the downloadable latency.etl is here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PNTZL0GU

I appreciate any help or advice you could give me.

Thanks :)



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the BLKWGDv8.sys indicates an issue with the Belkin Wireless G Desktop Card driver. Your driver version is 6.1061.1115.2006. So try to get an update because this driver is from 2006.

Thanks Andre! I solved my problem :D

I couldn't find a latest driver for window 7 so I just disabled the device and removed the driver (wasn't using the wireless anyway) and now there is no more problem!

Thanks again man. Much appreciated :)

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Hello Andre! First of all thx for the great tutorial. My explorer.exe causes 50% cpu usage, but now i'm not really sure what is the problem. Maybe this comctl32.dll causes the problem, but how to fix that?

Here are the screen shots and I appreciate any help from you. Thanks.



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The explroer uses a high CPU usgae because of the COMCTL32.DLL!CLVItemStore::CacheItem fuction. In the callstack I see VSDATANT.SYS. From what I see this is ZoneAlarm. Try to update or better remove ZA completely.

Next install the Vista Sp2! Vista Sp1 is out of support since July 2011! And also try to enable AHCI in the BIOS to get the best HDD performance. YOu're running the HDD in IDE/ATAPI mode.

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causes 36% CPU usage. There is no docu about the function. IsCleanrect maybe GDI related. So update the graphic card driver for your NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT. Your driver is ForceWare 176.44 ( which is very old.

Try this satble driver:


or the latest Beta driver:


and test if this fixes it.

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