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How to speed up boot process under Windows Vista or Windows 7

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ok this is really stupid

in total i have gotten 2 different error messages

the third time was the lucky time it just worked and i havent changed the code or anything els

so people it does work and i appreciate the help i got from U

thank you very much.

still one question stand: why is this not normaly integrated in windows and why hasnt anyone made a easy tool for it so every body can use it?

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i just got around to running this on a machine.

i tried my laptop since its the machine i reboot the most.

Windows 7 Ent Dell d830 c2d@2G 2Gb ram

i tried 3 test boots before installing the sdk (timed as a cold start from power button to C+A+D to login)

1 min 45 seconds

3 min 10 seconds

1 min 55 seconds

after the 6 reboots (and 6 logins and answering 6 UAC prompts between boots) i get:

1 min 21 seconds

1 min 20 seconds

1 min 25 seconds

1 min 21 seconds

1 min 22 seconds

not a major increase but if nothing else its more consistent (wish i woulda taken a few more "before" times)

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This post is great and I already have got a small improvement in boot times from following the instructions.

Now I would like to see if I can squeeze a further improvement by analysing the results of a boot trace. Unfortunately, the results don't mean anything to me so I'm hoping somebody will have a look at them and give me some advice.

The results of the test are here: http://rapidshare.com/files/412666586/boot_BASE_CSWITCH_DRIVERS_POWER_1.zip

Thanks for any assistance.


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Hi Chris,

your Windows boots in 30s to the desktop and is fully booted in 61 seconds.

What I see is that the PostBoot Takes 30s. This means the tools which run at login (startup) are slowing down your System.

I can see that you have Norton AntiVirus (NAV, ccsvchst.exe (1764), 0x00000043, Running) installed. This service hangs and causes a huge IO activity. I hate the yellow pest. You should use other freeware tools like Avira AntiVir (http://www.free-av.com/en/index.html) or Microsoft Security Essentials.

Next, run AutoRuns (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb963902.aspx) and disable all not needed tools (Live Messenger, iTunes, iPod). only start them when you need them.

After doing this run the optimization again.


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Hi Andre,

Okay, Norton Anti Virus is gone and replaced with Microsoft Security Essentials.

I have the AutoRuns tools but aren't sure what to disbale. There are various tabs across the top - I want to make sure I don't disable anything important. I guess the most likely looking tab is the one labelled "Logon".

Am I looking at the correct items?



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