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  1. whats wrong I already explained, I would really would have like the command line for the boot trace with the 6x restart. This command line was posted on ur old post that has been removed these are some of the lines I found on the internet: xbootmgr.exe –trace boot –prepSystem xbootmgr.exe -trace boot -numruns 5 http://www.passmark.com/ftp/n360v4_startupmanager2010_ed1.pdf but i dont know what the difference is between all the lines
  2. This is not the old one (command line ) to boot trace i liked that one better it did a boot trace in a 6 time cycle and that one worked for me. It was also posted on msfn but since the site changed the post was removed and changed into this but it's not the same one. so can anyone give me the old boot trace code please
  3. ok this is really stupid in total i have gotten 2 different error messages the third time was the lucky time it just worked and i havent changed the code or anything els so people it does work and i appreciate the help i got from U thank you very much. still one question stand: why is this not normaly integrated in windows and why hasnt anyone made a easy tool for it so every body can use it?
  4. ok now i get a different error (strange) The message is btw in dutch und ich glaube das sie das nicht lesen konnen (bad german) it now says >"-boot"is unrecognised < try some other commands ps is there a way to post pics on this forum without uploading them to a strange server?
  5. x64 I got the msi from x64 not the 32 and not the special for the processor i dont have
  6. I gave i a try but found a strange error: xbootmgr is an unknown format /file or assignment and how do i know if my ready boost is running ( windows 7 ) enableprefetch was (3) so is running i gues

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