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Trace Windows 7 boot/shutdown/hibernate/standby/resume issues


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Is there a way to get this running on a Win7 install that I can't boot into?

I'd like to see where the boot up process stops before it gets to a BSOD 0x7b



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Have it ever occur that some of these problems are issues with janky hardware and drivers.  Some of them maybe with janky bios and buggy ACPI power states.  I have nver had these kinda issues in this thread but here is my 2 cents stop using s4 and hybrid sleep and hibernate.

For mpeople who are setting up their own computers, and installing windows and drivers themselfs, this isn't a complicated issue to fix.  It very simple you install one thing at a time until it breaks then you know what your problem is and you never have any issues.

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A bit of a necro-post to add my own experience with Hibernate.

I've tried all the solutions suggested as regards BIOS/UEFI, wake on LAN and power management settings but I'd regularly get my PC waking up from Hibernation apparently at random rather than when you used the keyboard. Except it was not random - I eventually found the culprit(s) were other electrical devices connected to my home's ring main.

But it was not just any device or a device plugged in the same mains electricity socket or even in the same room. It was two particular TVs and either of their digital STBs. Nothing else I've tested has the same effect - not a microwave, powerful lamp, heater, hairdryer, hi-fi or anything drawing significant current, it is just those two TVs.

Put the PC into Hibernation then turn on either TV/STB and it'll wake the PC nine times out of ten. But if I turn the TV/STB on before Hibernation there is no problem and if I turn the TV/STB off whilst it is in Hibernation, in the same circumstances, there is no problem either.

It would seem that Hibernation maybe storing the electrical state of the system. There has to be a residual current being used to be able to wake the PC up from the USB keyboard. Turning the TV/STBs on must be being detected and treated as a keyboard stroke. But why only those two devices I can not begin to guess.    

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