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Vize icons are wonderful and I would like use them in my web application for our university department, but I didn't find licence for icons. Is possible use icons in the non-commercial application? Of course on the each page will be link to Vize website.

Thanks and excuse my English.


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Most of those replacement icons are actually made by Microsoft but already used elsewhere in their products. Some other icons, including the Vize program icon, were done by other people. XPero sorted out the arrangements for those icons and I don't have any of his records relating to the original authors so I can't help you out here.

Do note that Microsoft prohibits use of their icons and other pieces of artwork as design elements in things like website designs though they are allowed for appropriate use in an application (desktop or web) such as for toolbar buttons. To that end, I think the xpze and Vize websites are really pushing the limit on what you can do with MS's official icons and wallpaper artwork.

If this is for an internal application, I don't think Microsoft really cares. I've got many contacts at Microsoft, including many at rather senior positions and they all seem to have a live-and-let-live attitude as regards this stuff, MS Legal only gets involved if it's serious, and this is not serious :). BTW Visual Studio (since 2005) comes with a massive icon and toolbar art library for this exact purpose.

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Hi W3bbo,

this is new for me because I thought that XPero is author of replacement icons. The web application isn't internal in terms of intranet application (is accessible from internet), but is non-commercial and for members of our department. I am glad to hear about MS live-and-let-live policy, but the application is master thesis and I guess that all must be clear - so I probably need explicit permission. Do you know about competent person from MS which can give me such permission?

BTW I know about VS Image Library but this library really isn't massive when you need icons for web application :)

Anyway thanks.

//EDIT: The VS Image Library is maybe massive. I have read that this library contains over 1000 icons, but I have MSDN AA (for students) version of VSTS and library in this version doesn't contains more than 100 Vista icons.

//EDIT2: Or not. Number 1000 is for all images :)

Edited by Mitch.
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I checked VS2010 Image library yesterday :) Some icons are new (especially arrows) and some are removed. Merging of libraries gives relatively good variety.

I checked also FamFamFam (thanks for that), but it seems that library contains only toolbar glyphs (16x16). I need "hi-res" icons for ListView :)

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