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  1. Hi, it's good that someone follows Nuhi's work. It seems 7Lite is "file based" but I think since Vista is better slimming solution based on assemblies. They have manifest file with information about name, processor architecture, dependencies etc. Btw exists somewhere binding between Windows Features and corresponding files/assemblies? To Ben: I disassembled your application and you really should separate business logic and presentation logic... no offense. Best regard, Michal Pavlik
  2. Mitch.

    Icons licence

    I checked VS2010 Image library yesterday Some icons are new (especially arrows) and some are removed. Merging of libraries gives relatively good variety. I checked also FamFamFam (thanks for that), but it seems that library contains only toolbar glyphs (16x16). I need "hi-res" icons for ListView
  3. Mitch.

    Icons licence

    Hi W3bbo, this is new for me because I thought that XPero is author of replacement icons. The web application isn't internal in terms of intranet application (is accessible from internet), but is non-commercial and for members of our department. I am glad to hear about MS live-and-let-live policy, but the application is master thesis and I guess that all must be clear - so I probably need explicit permission. Do you know about competent person from MS which can give me such permission? BTW I know about VS Image Library but this library really isn't massive when you need icons for web application Anyway thanks. //EDIT: The VS Image Library is maybe massive. I have read that this library contains over 1000 icons, but I have MSDN AA (for students) version of VSTS and library in this version doesn't contains more than 100 Vista icons. //EDIT2: Or not. Number 1000 is for all images
  4. Mitch.

    Icons licence

    Thanks Ricktendo. Yes I had spoken of "replacement icons" inside pack, but word "probably" isn't enough for me.
  5. Mitch.

    Icons licence

    Hi, Vize icons are wonderful and I would like use them in my web application for our university department, but I didn't find licence for icons. Is possible use icons in the non-commercial application? Of course on the each page will be link to Vize website. Thanks and excuse my English. Mitch
  6. Hi, I've really funny problem I downloaded MCE Royale theme for Vista. It's perfect, but menus have default grey background. Is possible change background color of menus? I don't found setting for background color. Thanks. Mitch (Excuse my English)
  7. Yes, it's only for one computer. So, the largest problem is now write user interface for disk partitioning. WinFLP Setup uses Virtual Disk Services .NET wrapper. Documentation of VDS is confused for me, so the easiest solution is dynamicaly create scripts for diskpart and parse output (i don't like such solutions).
  8. Thanks. I should have look into WIM before asking. My concept of setup for one specific computer with specific hardware (sysprep isn't needed): 1. Install system, updates, SP, ... and remove components. Instead FBA write one batch file (for example addreg.bat) and set autorun after next reboot. 2. Create base image. 3. Create images of additionals components, but instead registry hive files (.sav) create .reg files, which they will be joined by addreg.bat at first boot. 4. Create PE system. 5. Create batch file, which (for testing purposes) deploy base image and all components on disk. 6. Burn PE, batch and WIM on CD (or create ISO). 7. Test solution... -> deploy -> reboot -> At first boot, addreg.bat silently runs regedit to join .reg files into registry. If all will be OK, write own setup (Win32, .NET framework won't be necessary).
  9. I'm also impressed with this guide. Thanks for great work. Now my question. WinFLP (Eiger) Setup allows choose Optional Components... Image from WIM can be applied only as whole, right? So, how Setup implements OC? He musts save configuration about components on disk and durning first boot First Boot Agent (or so) delete files and registry keys of non-choosed components. Is possible make installation of another Windows edition with ability of optional components? (Excuse my English) Mitch
  10. Hi, is true that Windows setup processes DOSNET.INF only at installation from shared network folder? Thanks and excuse my English. Mitch
  11. I have same opinion as Madhits45. If nLite stores list of dependencies (between installations files and components tree) in INF file separately from source code, is the simplest way publish this file. If isn't secret (for some reason), of course.
  12. Mitch.

    List of files

    Hi, nuhi, nLite is trully great. Publish you sometimes list of files linked with "components tree" items in nLite (vLite) ? Excuse my English. Mitch

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